Meet Ivanka
And Natasha
It has been a while since I have shown you a picture of the turkens
(Transylvanian naked neck chickens).
They are almost full grown now and have their adult feathers.
Surprisingly, turkens are very hardy chickens....
and these gals seem to be thriving quite well....
even in this harsh winter weather.
I just love the ruffle of feathers around their necks!
These two live with Babs and the other 9 "babies" that were not moved to the big chicken houses. These twelve chickens remain in the littlest henhouse that sits along the main drive up to our farmhouse. Morning and afternoon chores include a stop at this henhouse to check water and feed, throw the girls a scratch treat, and clean out accumulated chicken manure. Each morning the door to their yard is opened....
and each evening it is locked up to protect the girls (and boy) from predators.
This handsome chicken is, I'm almost certain, our newest rooster.
He is very shy and prefers to crow in the privacy of the henhouse.
He is much larger than the girls and, you can see by his plumage,
much showier than the rest.
His name is Kenny (yes, Kenny Rogers).
(All our roosters are named after singers)


Anke said…
I know you said they're hardy chickens, but I still think they could use a scarf. :-)
Happy New Year to you and your family!
Julie said…
How about naming one after Kenny Chesney!!!! :)
Sandy said…
Love the turkens! Kenny is very handsome. I know the animals are a lot of work but I sure do enjoy hearing about them and seeing them through your great photos.
Happy 2010 Bev to you and your family!

Teacup Lane (Sandy)
Anonymous said…
The Turkens need scarves..??new project??? Happy New Year to you and Hubs....
Kelly said…
The turkens look so funny. I agree with anonymous, I think you should knit them scarves.
Glo said…
Nice pictures! My Uncle used to have turkens...this brings back some memories!