Chicken Reorganization

Yesterday morning I decided it was time to start to move the "baby" chickens to their permanent home with my other layers. These "babies" were hatched in August and have lived in my smallest henhouse (which I use as a brooder house) since then. Now that they are almost full grown, that house has gotten a bit crowded.

So, yesterday morning I cleaned out my two largest henhouses, and covered their floors with fresh pine bedding. I spread fresh hay in their yard (chickens hate the snow) so that they would have warm, dry footing.

Then I gathered a couple pet carriers and headed to the "babies'" house. Catching these hens was the biggest challenge.
I snatched them, one at a time, clipped their primary wing feathers, and gently placed them in the pet carriers. Then we took off on the gator for their new accommodations.

I carried them up to the upper house and opened the carriers....out they spilled into their new spacious quarters. It took no time for them to acclimate themselves to their surroundings...finding both their water and food.

Elvis and a couple of the old girls stopped by for a visit. Elvis laid down the law and then went back to the lower henhouse.
I checked on the babies a couple of times during the day.
...all was fine. They even ventured outside their new house for a bite of scratch. By nightfall, all were tucked in securely....the old with the new. I breathed a sigh of seems that this has been a peaceful transition for all. We'll see how everybody looks this morning when I open up their henhouse for the day.

Babs and eleven other "babies" remain in the old henhouse....a much more manageable and comfortable number for the size of that house.
By the way, I think this chicken might be the rooster that I have heard crowing within the baby house....although I have never actually witnessed him doing so.
He has grown much larger than the rest and his feathers are much fancier.....time will tell for sure.


Anonymous said…
He does look a bit like a rooster to me. I loved reading this post. My family used to raise chickens for our own eggs when I was a child and am planning on going back to doing just that in the next few months.
Your birds are so well tended! Makes my heart happy to see them so loved. I sure do think that last pic is a rooster. Just the way the tail looks. I'm not an expert by any means, in fact, I have two black australorps that I'm waiting to see an egg or hear a crow. 8 months, and I've got neither!