Thursday, September 24, 2009

Frog Dodging, and Other Farm Games

Last call for the night is right after sunset. We head out to the barn and tuck in the horses. Fresh hay for all....check water supply.....clean poop.....kiss goodnight X 4 and then out to close up the chickens and guineas...who have found their way into their coops to roost for the night (actually, we end up chasing the guineas back in....but that is a whole other subject). Last night was a drizzly night and we noticed dozens of frogs or toads on the driveway back to the house.Heading toward the garage, we had to drive with precision accuracy to avoid squashing toads on the driveway. Here is one big guy that we found heading for the garage. I have a feeling that many of these creatures head for the safety of our garage at night....a warm, dry place to sleep. All summer long I noticed that we had an abundance of toads living in the construction lumber piles. I think they all headed for the garage when construction was finished!
Update on Bobby (Socks):
Well it seems that all three barn cats have made this transition quite well. They are all amicably sharing the same space....not playing together yet (but I am sure that is in their future.) Bobby is quite needy and loves to be picked up. Like TomTom, he loves to supervise whatever work is being done in the barn. He seems to be secure inside the barn and has not ventured very far. He has been nose to nose with the Littles and seems to like them quite well, also....rubbing against their legs and arching his back to rub under their chins. I think he is a great addition to our barn. I look forward to watching his antics when he becomes totally comfortable and settled in.

Looks like Bobby may have found TomTom's stash of soccer balls. What a team we will have with twice as many players!


Anonymous said...

better keep the lid on the "soccer balls"..if he's a real cat, those wrappers will be off in a flash..glad he's making the adjustment

Katmom said...

Bobbie looks like a real sweetie...


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