Friday, September 25, 2009


This week marks the end of construction at Bee Haven Acres. The main house decks are finished and today will be the completion of the deck on the guest house (pictures tomorrow). Yesterday we treated our construction team to a steak luncheon. I made homemade cole slaw from the last cabbage of our garden, roasted red potatoes and baked two cakes for dessert.
They seemed to enjoy the treat. We have sure enjoyed having these guys around. They are all young (young enough to be our kids)...but what amazing craftsmen they all are. These four built our dream home from the ground up with every one of our ideas incorporated in it (and a few great ideas of their own.) It is great to have the work finally finished.
To Joe, Joseph, Delbert, Brent, and John Earl....we say thank you for giving us the home of our dreams!

Addendum: Regarding yesterday's comment about having to herd the guineas back to their house every night.....I have come to the conclusion after many hours of studying animal behavior around the farm, that guineas share one common brain amongst the whole group. They move as one, they think as one. They learn, however, as though they only have half a brain. We will keep trying to train them to go back into their house to roost....although it is starting to look like a rather lofty goal. Oh, and by the way.....they are beginning to grow their "helmets" (that funny lump on the top of their heads). Perhaps that is where their brain goes....squashed out into their helmets....and not terribly useful.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone figured out what the helmets on the guineas are for? My seven year old son claims it means they are some sort of dinosaur bird, but then he is dinosaur crazy.

Stephane said...

Has anyone figured out what the helmets are for on the guineas? My seven year old son thinks it means they are dinosaur birds, but then he is dinosaur crazy.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure you will miss the company if not the construction..they did a great job

Kelly or Alex said...

Ours are still small and in the barn. They still act like I'm going to eat them. I think the guys did a bang up job on the house. It turned out beautiful.

Katmom said...

hahaha!, toooo funny....

Joyce St John said...

I was away all last week, and was just catching up on your posts when what a surprise to see Joseph Beiler as one of guys who built your beautiful house! He is a wonderful young man from my church. Can't wait to talk to him about it. Your place is so beautiful and I have enjoyed following the construction and all the photos you have shared. Bet the guys loved the treat! Blessings to you and your new home. Joyce


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