Not All Chicks are the Same!!

Last week we had a chicken tragedy. It seems, that at some point in the evening as the chickens were out free-ranging, two of the neighbors' dogs came onto our farm and had a killing spree. Several of our beautiful layers fell prey to these frenzied, blood thirsty canines. Upon finding the massecre, a call was placed to the police and the neighbors were contacted about the attack. The neighbors were ordered to replace the dead chickens as restitution.
On Friday, twelve chickens were delivered to our farm as replacement. I am sad to say, however that the quality of these chickens is poor....nothing like the quality of chickens that we keep here on the farm.
Here is a pictoral comparison of one of our chickens and one of the new replacements......

Ours: (notice the nice feather and comb colors....also notice the condition of the feathers) Now, here are two of the replacement chickens: (the thing that is most striking is the condition of the comb. Notice how it folds over and is so very pale) Whoever had these chickens before, did not care for them by the same standards as we do. And these two chickens are the best of the bunch!

Well, hopefully after a few weeks, these girls will start to look a little better.

Oh, and speaking of lovely chickens. Here are the babies.....continuing to grow....more stunning every day!


Kelly said…
Im so sorry to hear about your hens. We free range our hens in the pasture enclosed by field fence and electric fence. It may be over protection. In Florida I had 3 Rotties and they got out and killed a neighbors chickens. I was broken hearted. We paid cash, not replacements. I hope the girls pick up soon with good care. I hope the neighbors made some changes in their dog enclosures!
Unknown said…
You are a good mommie! You will make them all better. The little ones are so cute. I have never been around chickens, someday, maybe. Have fun with all your little ones, Ollie too!
Katmom said…
Oh NO!,,,don't let Gary see these or he will want some....tooo cute.
Ginny said…
Bev, sorry to hear about your chickens, I'm sure that you will get the new hens looking good in no time. And yes, lets hope the neighbors have improved their dog fencing.