Laundry Day

Drive through the central Pennsylvania countryside any Monday and you will see farm after farm with clotheslines hung with laundry. Traditionally, Monday is laundry day. Bee Haven Acres is no exception to that rule. With my washer and dryer hooked up I am once again able to do laundry. However, I will not be drying the wash out of doors this time, as construction continues on the exterior of our log home....with the addition of our screen porch and several decks.

In honor of laundry day, I thought I would give you a tour of my laundry room.....

In the picture on the left, you see an antique grain bin that has been repurposed as a hamper. Its two internal compartments are perfect for separating whites and darks. Above that hangs an antique clothes dryer...which is often used to dry delicates. On top of the grain bin is my grandmother's antique iron and some old shoe molds as well as a bag of French laundry detergent.
Across the room sits my wooden barrel (photo top right), hand-cranked flywheel washer from the turn of the century (1900). It still works wonderfully, so I will have it as a back-up if we are without power for an extended period of time.
Of course there is always the option of taking my washing boards and a bar of vintage laundry soap to the creek and doing the laundry there!

As you enter the laundry room from the garage, there are 4 old shoe molds with their original pegs, which I have fastened to the wall to use for a place to hang your jacket.

My life-long love of antiques has paid collections now have the perfect home. And although most are just to look at...they still retain their value in usefullness should I ever need to use them.


Marimoy said…
best laundry room ever. EVER. I'm jealous.
Hey Bev,

I've got three old washboards too! I love the old shoe repurposed them beautifully. :0)

Hey Bev,

I've got three old washboards too! I love the old shoe repurposed them beautifully. :0)

Egghead said…
That is adorable. I would even WANT to do laundry in there. Love it.
What a great laundry room....LOVE it!
Autumn said…
OH Bev! I am so happy you have finally moved in!! I've been praying all would go smoothly for you. Things look just wonderful! The table is just fantastic!!! I love it!
I can hardly wait to see things develop in the sewing room !!!
Take care friend and keep in touch!
Unknown said…
Oh, my, a laundry room to die for...I too collect the wash boards so we can do our laundry together in a power I love all the antiques items you have saved just for this room and all are useful! Congrats, great job! Enjoy!
Ruth said…
I love all the treasures in your laundry room. I would enjoy any time I had to spend in there.