Monday, July 27, 2009

House Tour Continued.....

As promised, here are some picture of the second floor guest room. This room has a more rustic and masculine feel to it.
I hope to find an antique fishing creel and bentwood fishing net to hang above the trunk...beside the fly fishing pole.


Kim said...

Your home is spectacularly wonderful. I'm so very pleased for you, as I'm sure you are too :) Such a lot of time and love has gone into it, and it shows.

I must say that little Oliver twist was a surprise! Isn't he the most precious poppet in the World. His whole body is the same size as your other horses heads in that first picture. He is a lucky boy to have found you, although it's sad that he lost his mama. I'm glad I dropped by for a visit, take care and enjoy your lovely home

Kim x

Katmom said...

Oh Bev, I have seen several vintage creels(sp) and the are in the price rang of high $40's....I know that 'special one' is out there waitng for you to happen upon it.

karen said...

Lovely bedroom, keep up the good work! You sure have an eye for the antiques and putting them together!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE seeing how your new home is coming out.I think this bedroom is my favorite so far.Maddie looks so cute with the pony.How is your fancy tops chicks doing?Ours are growing like mad.We recently bought 2 pigmy(SP) goats and they sure are the sweetest and most lovable.Hugs,Jen


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