House Tour Continued.....

Today's stop on our house tour is the 1st floor guest room. I spent months planning this room and shopping auctions and local antique stores for all of the special touches.
The bed is an iron antique reproduction and is dressed with vintage white linens. The white crocheted coverlet at the foot of the bed was made by my grandmother many years ago. The rest of the linens are also trimmed in crochet. The chest to the left was a great find at a local auction. Here are some closer looks....

Across from the foot of the bed is an antique corner cupboard that had belonged to my mother. It is one of my favorite pieces of furniture and is now home to my collection of vintage bed linens.
On the wall beside the corner cupboard, a few vintage Christening gowns and bonnet hang.

Another of my favorite pieces is an antique Thomas Edison victrola complete with original records. I rescued this piece from my grandparents' basement about 25 years ago. It works by hand crank and amazingly still works perfectly. On top of the victrola, tea is set complete with lovely faux cupcakes.

Wouldn't you like to come for a visit? If you do, you might want to stay in this room. might want to stay in our 2nd floor guest room. I will feature this room was decorated a bit more masculine.


Julie said…
I sure would have no problem relaxing in this room! Beautiful!
I certainly wouldn't mind being a guest in this lovely room! Very nicely decorated.
Patti said…
I would like to make a reservation to stay in your guest room. We will be arriving on Friday and staying FOREVER! It is an absolutely beautiful room.... Just PERFECT!
Lisa said…
Just gorgeous. You did a lovely job. Love the Bee pillows!

Unknown said…
Love my new room! The whole house is just like a dream come true!!

I love the iron bed and I love the color of the walls....please share the brand and color name PALeez...:0) Looks like a room where faeries reside!

Hugs, Steph
Autumn said…
Um...Sherlyn... were you planning on sharing the room with me cause I thought that was MY new room!!!! :)
I do see that there are 2 cupcakes so I guess were bunk-mates!!!