What Do Honeybees Do.....

On a hot afternoon???? They hang out at the water's edge of course!Take a walk to the pond on any given hot afternoon, and you will be aware of a constant vibration....the buzzing of hundreds of bees as they visit the water's edge for a refreshing drink.

It is important when raising honeybees that you have a good supply of fresh water for them to drink. In our case, a spring-fed pond serves this purpose quite nicely. Luckily, the bees don't bother the dogs, as they, too, stop by the pond to cool off.


Thistledew Farm said…
Hurray for bees - I was just commenting on my site that I haven't seen any honey bees this year - lots of bumblebees but no honey. I was musing that maybe I should get a bee hive....I better learn about them first. Thanks for a walk to the pond - I was getting hot and needed the refreshment of sitting beside the spring.
Kelly said…
The dogs looked refreshed. We are lucky to have a stream that runs about 250 ft away from my bees. I have to go down and look. First, we have to have another warm day. It was in the 60's today.
Katmom said…
Can I come play with Sadie?
As for the bees,,,I feel so guilty,,,I had a container (w/a narrow opening) filled w/water...the bees flew in but couldn't figure out how to get out & sadly had a massive drowing of bees! so...lesson learned, don't leave any containers w/water sitting out.
Tons of Bumblers & fat too!
not as many Mason or Honey bees around yet,,,but then we have had such glummy rainy weather lately.
Send me some of your extra bees...
hugz & 12 days & counting...wahoo!
Ruth said…
I didn't realize that bees will go cool down in the water. I would love to have a hive. I don't know if we can though. We are so restricted here.

We drove down rt. 222 in Berks County when we visited PA and there were so many old farms. I loved it. I wish I could move there.

Hope you can stop by my blog when you have a chance.