Look At Us Now

My girls continue to grow like weeds...funnier each day. To me, they look like cartoon characters instead of chickens. I have named a couple, for obvious reasons. As they mature and develop personalities, many more of them will inherit names. Growing chicks is one of the easier tasks on the farm. They really don't require much other than a constant warm temperature, food and water. These girls are feathered enough that I have removed the heat lamp from their coop now. A daily visit to assure their water is fresh and their food plentiful is about all there is to do at this point. As soon as our fenced-in chicken yard is built, I will be allowing these gals to go outside. For now, though, they are safely tucked away, inside.

Meet Hank, our rooster (center of picture) And Phyllis


And Izzy

There are a few more noteable ladies, but they were now very photogenic this session.


Jack said…
I love to check your blog to see the next surprise...same reason I can't wait until you awaken each morning...Love, Your Hubby
Katmom said…
I have to say, "Babs' deffinately has that "Phylis Diller" look going on!
As for Izzy,,,I'm thinking 'Punk Rocker" band, maybe lead gurtarist!?! LOL!

p.s....Jack, thank you for sharing your lovely wife with us in July for the Farm Faire event here in Washington, in July... you are welcome too,,, but bring your golf clubs so my "Duffer" can have someone to golf with! lol!
Happy Fathers Day to you too!
Bev... only 11 more days! wahooo!
Hey Bev,

Izzy is too cool! She reminds me of the Polish hen, Hippie Chic, that I had many years ago.

Ruth said…
Bev~I love the chickens. They are so cute. Very unique!!
So sad I couldn't meet up with you. The weather wasn't that great either. I am pretty tired of the rain. Maybe next time when you are all settled we can have a fun farm visit.
Unknown said…
I love Izzy!! I had a few like that years ago. They did not last here as well as the traditional chickens do. They seemed more fragile with the weather we had or something.

The house looks amazing too!! Can't wait to see it!
Tammy said…
Dearest Maven,

Perhaps your Babs and Phyliss should meet my Opie!
Yarni Gras! said…
you have a gift with naming your animals...they look just like their namesakes!