It's Strawberry Picking Time!

Oh, how I would love it if you could reach through your computer and help me pick strawberries! We have thousand and thousands ready for picking. I picked for a short while and before I knew it had 12 quarts filled...and never made a dent in the patch. I still have some of last year's strawberry jam left, so I will need to find another way to use them this year.

Some of our patch was planted in everbearing strawberry we will continue to have some berries ripening until Fall. Yum.....there is no strawberry better than a home-grown one! youself....there's plenty!

PS: Our chickens love a strawberry treat and get all the berries that are just a little too ripe to last in the refrig.


Autumn said…
EVERYTHING you touch grows!!!! I can't produce a single strawberry!!!! Maybe another year,when life is not so busy here.
I sure wish I could reach through the screen and help you pick AND eat some of them!! Lucky chickens!!!!!
Chickens are so helpful, aren't they?! :0)

Hey, put Ruth to work when she arrives for her visit! hahahaha I'm sure she'll be happy to take some off your hands too.

I wish shipping wasn't so much expensive these days. I'd love to buy some from you.

Have a great weekend,
Katmom said…
Oh Wowzers! you got that many strawberries already? I have barely "harvested" a dozen berries yet! What is your secrete? & if ya say horse, chicken & goat "patootie" I am going to cry...! lol!