Construction continues with all of the, cabinetry, etc. These last few weeks seem to be going so slowly.

This morning I installed the faceplate and doors to the fireplace. Here is the finished version.....

Both stairways are lit with these sconces....


Patti said…
OH, I love that fireplace..very nice! Like the lights, too. I bet you are so excited and can't wait to move is beautiful! 6 months from now you will be sitting in front of that fireplace with a roaring fire lit and snow falling outside...HOW Nice will that be?!
Katmom said…
WOWZER! I am so impressed that you installed the firescreen/doors!
You Go Girl!
8 days but whos counting! lol!
I just love your fireplace and the light fixtures. You did a very good job....thanks for sharing the photos. Dawn

The fireplace is fabulous!!