Custom Work

Our kitchen and library installation was begun this week. Each side wall of the middle room of the loft has been outfitted with book shelves.

The left wall and beyond it is a guest room and a full bath.

The right wall..and doorway into my sewing room (to be used as another guest room when needed.) Looking into the kitchen from the dining room...across the breakfast bar (counter tops are not yet installed). The far wall straight ahead will have a gas cooktop and a microwave/exhaust hood.This picture shows the pantry doorway (a screendoor will be installed here) and to the left of that is a space for the wall oven. The cabinets are made from natural hickory.

So much has been done...and so much left to do!


Thistledew Farm said…
Wow, great job! I wish we had library shelves like yours! You're really coming along - love all the wood!
Katmom said…
Oh what I would give to have a full wall Bookcase!
Then I would have good reason to buy more crafting books! lol!
How lovely it is! You'll be more than ready to get home from your trip to start moving in! I'm really excited for you...been a long time coming. :0)

Ruth said…
It is gorgeous, Bev. I love all the bookshelves built in. The kitchen is gorgeous, too.
I am sure you're thrilled it's coming along.