Construction Update

The cupola has found its place on top of the garage roof. The walnut floors are stained and ready to finish. I love the warmth of walnut...and I love the mix of heartwood (brown) and sapwood (white). This picture was taken looking down on the powder room floor from the laundry/mud room.
And, looking from the laundry room into the kitchen....
The stone masons have returned and started to finish the foundation beneath the guest house.
And, they have begun construction of a rock retaining wall beneath the front deck of the house. This area will be finished with a cement patio between the rock walls. The earth and shale held back by the retaining walls will be landscaped (by me) next Spring.


Unknown said…
Your home is gorgeous! Can't wait to see it filled with furniture and decorated. Just lovely. (Though I love the old spring house too)

Bev, it's looking GREAT!! I love the stacked rock work..all the wood and rock has such good energy. :0)

Do you have an arrangement plan for your studio yet? I'm struggling with paint color in mine..There will be so much on the walls I'm wondering if I should just leave it white?? I wish I could leave and come back and it all be done!! LOL My brain hurts. :0)

Hugs, Steph
Katmom said…
ok ,its official,,, I am running away from home..and moving to your place! lol!
Everything looks wonderful...