Lazy Day/Busy Day

If you did not know, it would appear that something catastrophic happened in our dry lot in this many horses down at the same time! It is unusual to see all of the horses sleeping at the same time. Usually, at least one stands lookout. I think they are just so relaxed and secure that they feel free to let their guard down.Yesterday was such a dreary day...misty, drizzly, and overcast all day long. That type of weather is great for napping...and the horses took advantage of it.

We humans, however, spent the day cleaning out the barn and trimming trees. Oh, how delicious a nap would have been for us!

We also spent a portion of the day hauling off the wood and shingles left from tearing down our wood shed. We will eventually be replacing the old wood shed with a log structure that matches our log home. As we removed layers of old wood and shingles, we were greeted by the current occupants of the shed (who will soon be in need of a new home). It seems the woodshed was home to a family of black snakes. Here are Mama and Papa. Their babies slithered away quickly before I could snap a good picture.

I am hoping they find a nice new home....far, far, away from this location....and certainly not in the new woodshed!! Yikes!


Ruth said…
I wouldn't even be able to take a picture. I would be too busy running and screaming. LOL
Lisa said…
Oh my goodness, I am lots and lots of miles away and I am still lifting my feet up. Shudder, shudder.

Love the horsies, I just want to lean on one and take a nap too!

Anonymous said… they'll be make good homes for everyone
Kelly said…
They are the reason that there are less rats eating your grain. I love black snakes. We don't see many in Maine but in Florida they were everywhere. They will even chase away poisionous snakes.
Katmom said…
Oh to be a horse on a lazy dayz afternoon! Comming home today I saw 4 horses is various state of repose, 2 lying down, 1 in a kneeled position & one standing 'gaurd' over his lazy!