What a Weekend!!

Wow, I am exhausted! You will rarely hear me admit to that, but after this weekend, it is true! I wrote a post on my Sew on and Sew Fourth (personal) blog after lying on my back in the apple orchard on Friday with Maddie, our Newfie. We picked a market basket full of apples for a pie and then took a little break to share an apple. You can watch the video of Maddie eating her apple here. From that perfectly restful moment on, we were off and running! (By the way, the pie was delicious!) Friday afternoon we met with our builder and finalized plans for demolishing our farmhouse and starting construction on our log home. Then we headed back to the farm to meet a young couple who were interested in taking our hot tub (listed "Free to a Good Home" on Craigslist.com). The hitch was...the hot tub had to be lifted from our pool deck by a crane (not something that just everybody has in their garage. This young couple had some friend with a humongous tow truck and this is how they got their hot tub.......

Saturday morning started with the usual chores....and nothing out of the ordinary happened, for once. However, by the time the sun started to warm things up (around 9 AM) we had our M*A*S*H type hospital OR suite set up in the goat pasture. By the time 10:30 rolled around we had anesthetized and castrated 4 young bucks. Becky (Jack's sister and resident farm Vet did the surgery with Jack and Mike and I assisting. Each surgical procedure was done without any incidents. I thought I would spare you any graphic pictures.....I must say, though, the surgeries were impressive. My job was to scrub and shave each of them for their surgery...needless to say, this was done after they were asleep. Can you imagine chasing a goat around trying to shave between it's hind legs? I don't think any of them would have stood still for that nonsense! Here is Becky giving them sedation....off to sleep little goaties! While the goats were still "under" it was my job to trim their hooves as well as to do some of the instrument clean-up. At one point, Becky made the comment that she didn't want to see any of them end up with nail polish on their hooves ( I guess I was taking a bit too long to trim their hooves). (I was only trying to make them "perfect"...overkill I guess for farm animals!)

Here is Forrest starting to wake up after his surgery. It was amazing, but shortly thereafter they were all back to their usual Goatie business. All's well that ends well!


Kim said…
Aaaw, Forrest looks so sweet and sleepy. I'm having real goat problems at the moment, I sooo want to have a couple for milking. It's totally impractical though, but I still have such a hankering!
I'll have to make do with looking at yours :)

Kim x