Time to Slow Down and Kick Back.....

It seems that every available spare moment on the farm has recently been filled by preparations for house demolition. We are cleaning out, organizing and downsizing our belongings in hopes that there will be much less to place into storage during log home construction.

For our sanity, however, it is necessary to take the occasional break and relax a bit. Creek walking is one of those activities that offers needed refreshment. Taking the dogs for a walk through the creek, enjoying the coolness of the water and the beauty of the landscape around us is like a mini field trip. Lifting rocks, looking for crayfish....watching minnows dart around under the sparkling water's surface.... and watching the dogs follow their noses as they are hit with a multitude of smells along the way......all serve to make it a magical hour. There are areas along the creek, where erosion has caused amazing rock formations to appear....one of which offers us a brief rest on its' built in bench. I am forever in awe of this beautiful land we call home.