Friday, August 22, 2008

New Ducks on Their Way!!

Our poor flock of Campbell ducks has slowly dwindled down to just one lone duck. We have named her Methusela because she has lived the longest. I worry that she is lonely. We feed her daily and she spends her days happily swimming on the pond...often visited by Maddie our Newfie.Jack mentioned this to a friend who just happened to have a few ducks she wanted to relocate. So...this Sunday we will be welcoming a new bunch of ducks to our pond. I am told they are black and white (some sort of mix) with blue eyes. Maddie is so excited!! What a surprise these new birds will have when they me HER!!

They will spend their first night in our duck house and then be introduced to the pond on Monday. We will have pictures at that point.


Katmom said...

and I thought I was an animal lover to the 10th power! lol!
I look forward to seeing the pic's of your new ducky family, I'll bet they just 'quack you up'... groan! can't believe I said!

Anonymous said...

maybe "Meth" ran them off??? Maddie will love her new present..good luck with them...

Kim said...

Looking forward to the pictures of the new ducks. I love ducks, one day we may get some :)

Kim x

GardenGoose said...

hey have been given an award..stop by my blog to see.
can't wait to see the new ducks.


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