Thursday, July 24, 2008

Strange Day Indeed

One thing that being on the farm does to you is make you keenly aware of weather patterns. After all, weather affects most farm activities. This afternoon started out with brilliant blue sky and lots of cumulus clouds. The temperature reached a high of a comfortable 79 degrees. This is a welcomed relief from the past few days of 90+ degrees and super high humidity. Since the weather was so mild, I decided to get caught up on some outdoor chores....berry picking, weeding, mowing.

About halfway through picking blueberries the weather changed very suddenly. The sky turned black, and the wind picked up. Pretty soon the treetops were swaying and I felt a sudden chill in the air. Afraid of an imminent cloudburst, I gathered my basket of berries and the dogs and ran back to the house seeking shelter. The temperature had dropped to 68 degrees in a matter of minutes. It is amazing how fast a new weather front can arrive....and with such force! Well, I have waited a sufficient amount of time and still no rain. So.....back out to finish picking!

Aren't these blackberries just scrumptious looking. We are nearing the end of the blueberry harvest (perhaps one week left), but the blackberries have just started. Oh how I wish I had a harvest large enough to turn into jam. Note to self: next year plant more blackberry canes!

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I knit therefore... said...

I've only moved to the country (east Texas) since February, from San Diego. I too am amazed and usually delighted at the way the weather can change so quickly. We moved from the rental to our own little paradise in April so our garden was very late and small. I'm hoping to do much better next year. Never did much more than flower gardening before this but I'm learning fast and find I have a LOT to learn.


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