Sign of the Times...Bee Haven News

A new addition graces the corner of our little lane that cuts between horse pastures, goat pastures and chicken yard. For a long time we traveled around the farm by Gator (vehicle) on dirt paths. But, the past two years' increasingly rainy weather has made it imperative that we pave our lane with shale and fine stone. Otherwise, it was a constant battle with mud. In order to designate this lane as a non thru-way, I ordered a street sign.

We are just about a week away from a huge strawberry explosion. If the weather cooperates and we have enough sunshine, we will be inundated with luscious berries. I hope to turn most of them into jam...although we will stuff ourselves with the fresh berries in the mean time. This picture shows 4 of our mature rows... each are about 50 feet long. There are also 4 new rows created from last year's runners. All of the plants are loaded with fruit.

Jack and I spent a few hours on Saturday building an elevated box for herbs in the garden. I hope to add one of these boxes every year for planting herbs, lettuces, and other smaller vegetables.


Anonymous said…
Pa strawberries are supposed to be really good this year...enjoy
I like the elevated box planter. They are kind to your back. :o) There berry crop is fab!