Our Kids Are Growing Up!

Sadly, we all know that babies don't stay babies forever. This is the most recent photo of one of our favorite kids, Forrest. Forrest has been featured quite a bit here due to the fact that he was the first born. Know, he is as tall as O'Malley and as you can see, his horns have really begun to grow. Every day he is looking more and more like a buck. He may look older, but his behavior remains child-like. He still prefers to jump into your lap...which is becoming a bit more hazardous due to those tough little horns. His brother Bubba will soon be adopted by a new loving family. Myrtle's black and white twins, who we affectionately call "Little Sister" and "Little Brother" have also been spoken for. Adoption day will be sad for us, but like all parents, we will smile and give each of them a little push into their new lives....knowing that they are ready to go out into the world.

As for our six Dwarf Nigerian babies...well they will not be leaving the nest. It seems that adoptive parents only want goaties that have been dis-budded (horns removed). We have decided that because of the cruelty factor, we are not removing any of our babies horns. This is an extremely painful procedure for goats to endure, and in order to give them enough numbing medicine to make it tolerable, then the numbing medicine is at a toxic level for them. It is just not worth the risk. As we are used to all of our goats having their horns, we do not mind keeping these six adorable kids. They are all so very friendly, affectionate and comical and will be a great addition to Bee Haven Acres. Although perhaps we should change our name. Goat Haven Acres??


Tina Leavy said…
so cute! they sure have grown fast.
wishing you a lovely weekend.
stop by for a visit sometime..I'm also having a drawing over at my blog right now, feel free to join in if you'd like.
have a great day.
Unknown said…
Hi Bev: The kids are like kids!! Grown up before you realize it, huh? They are still cute though!

I cannot wait to see you again.