Drying Up........Slowly

Ok, if you think that the black, shiny, rubbery object on the ground beside Jill is a water balloon, you are udderly wrong! Poor Jill is in the process of drying up her milk. As you can see, it is not going so well. Forrest and Bubba are officially weaned and have been separated from their mother. Meanwhile, Jill is alone with Jack, on reduced rations and passing the time away waiting for her girlish figure to return. I am sure that those of you who have enjoyed the experience of "milk production" will attest to the fact that carrying around a set of full jugs is no fun!

Meanwhile, Forrest and Bubba are as tall now as O'Malley and their horns are growing by the day. They are on their way towards being very handsome bucks...little do they know that castration lies around the corner for them. They will be much more pleasant as companions animals with the elimination of testosterone. Not only will it keep their disposition less aggressive, but it will also keep their smell much more pleasant. Forrest continues his antics and still considers himself a lap-goat. We are soon going to need very large laps to accomodate him.


Katmom said…
"Run Forrest (& Bubba) Run!
Oh Bev, I must say, I am amazed at the things I learn about goats from your blog, and after seeing poor mama goat I can truthfully say I am sooooo glad I am not a mama goat! lol!