Look How Chip Has Grown!

You might remember that our fainting goats came to Bee Haven Acres on Memorial Day of 2007. Amongst the group were our two kids....O'Malley and Chip. I thought it might be fun to see how the kids have changed. They are both fully mature. In fact, with any luck, our Chip will be a daddy this coming Spring. He had the task of impregnating our three older girls during the months of October and November. Very soon Becky will ultrasound the girls to see if they are carrying kids.

Here is a picture of Chip (Blue Chip Stock) when he first arrived....

And here are a couple of pictures that show how he has matured. What a handsome guy he has become!!
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And here is our little O'Malley....all grown up....her coat has come in so very wooly - she almost looks like she is one half sheep!
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