Building Fences.......Horsepower!

It seems we are continually expanding. Several fencing projects have yielded miles of fences and yet it never seems to be enough. In an effort to increase our goat pens, we hired an Amish fencing company to drive posts and hang non-climb fencing. We also had them increase the area of our chicken yard.

Here is a picture of half of their work crew. In keeping with Amish tradition, these two beautiful Belgian horses were in charge of pulling the post driver. What amazing, strong creatures they are....and amazingly well behaved. They seemed to understand exactly what their job was and they did it willingly.

Barely visible behind the post driver is a large truck and trailer that hauls both equipment and horses. It was driven by a non-Amish gentleman.


Tina Leavy said…
how very nice to have the new fencing, and to be able to see how the Amish do things...the horses are lovely. hope you are having a lovely week.