A Boy and His Goat......

Meet Mike. For those of you who have not read this blog from its beginning, you may not know Mike. Mike is my brother-in-law, husband to Becky (the Vet)...my hubby's sister. Mike and Becky moved from Reno, Nevada a little over a year ago and bought 5 acres of Bee Haven Acres. They built a beautiful log home there and now Bee Haven Acres is a project that we all share. Mike is our resident Beekeeper and oversees the care of the critters on a daily basis. He wears many hats, but the most important is that of animal "Daddy". While the ducks were babies, they would follow him all over the farm. He is ex-Marine and ex-cop but as gentle as they come and just loves the critters to death.

I am sure you have already met O'Malley. O'Malley is our youngest female fainting goat. She was born on St. Patty's day, is the smallest and cutest of our fold. She is gentle, loving and completely trusting. She often follows Mike around the farm as he tends to daily chores. She has adopted him as her "Daddy". It is not unusual to see Mike jogging down through the field with O'Malley in tow, or to see Mike driving around in the Gator with O'Malley on his lap.

By the way, that is our 130 lb. Newfie, Maddie in the picture. She loves O'Malley, too.


Tina Leavy said…
how neat! what a lovely place you all have carved out for yourselves.
Shari Thomas said…
Hey there Bev,

How cool, you get ex-Marine (not really ever "ex") and ex-cop all in one guy.

At our farm, I'm the former Marine and my roommates are the ex-cops.

Funny how we gravitate to the gentler side of life, very carefully and tenderly caring for the critter and greenery.

I loved your article in Small Town Living. Now it's our turn, sure hope to get it done as well as you did.

Shari Thomas
Beryl, UT
"Semper Fi" to Mike!
Nancy Jo said…
How cute! You have so many animals, so much going on in your world. That is one rather large pumpkin you got there too.
Always check out your new aprons, then have to pinch myself so as not to buy another one just now. As you know I have several, in fact I put some on my blog today.