Bee Haven Acres Goats Hit the Big Time!!

I was asked by an E-zine called Small Town Living to write an article about our fainting goats. Small Town Living is an E-zine that is trying to increase their readership in order to be picked up for print as a hard copy magazine on news stands. Every two months they publish a magazine chock-full of information about "living a simpler life in Small Town America." They touch on such subjects as architecture, historical preservations, animals, farming, home and garden, herbs, along with a variety of other equally interesting subjects. You can read this magazine at Small Town Living
Please note that the article entitled Bee Haven Daylily Farm is about yet another Bee Haven!

Newsflash since the article submission: We will be breeding a few of our goats this coming Fall and will have babies for sale next Spring!!! Baby pictures will be published. (I am currently working on a website for our Goats - will have all the sales information for our adorable babies).


Tina Leavy said…
thank you so much Bev for the article submission and for letting folks know about us! Can't wait to see the baby goats when they get here!