With a Little Help From Our Friends

This past weekend, one of our "kids" (actually now an adult), Amanda, came from college with 6 of her friends to lend a hand on the farm. All of these amazing young adults are students at a local Christian College, Messiah College. They arrived at our farm late morning, donned work gloves and boots and headed out into the woods to clear trails.
Work Day
You see, over the past year we had some selective logging done in our woods to clear out the larger, older trees that were preventing sunlight from reaching the newer trees. We had been losing a lot of trees during storms and decided it was time to take action and take down the very oldest ones. In the process of removing the logged timber from the woods, trails were made. The trails were situated in a way that with a little bit of work, we thought we could connect them and have a network of trails for horseback riding and horse and carriage driving. What an unbelievable amount of physical labor these students offered to us! In a few short hours they had accomplished what we thought would take us weeks. With the time that was left that afternoon, they also helped us get our onions, potatoes, and 20 more asparagus roots into the ground. We all celebrated the afternoon with a dinner of homemade bread, a Mediterranean stir fry with quinoa, and Chicken Dijon topped off with homemade Coconut Cake for dessert. We thank you, Amanda, Matt, Kevo, Anthony, Kara, Ben and Maryan! Someday you all will make great farmers!