Taking the bad with the good.....

Sad news today....one of our beautiful black hens was attacked last night. We suppose the predator was a fox, as Jack had seen one in the area last week. Poor "Edna" (all the black ones are named "Edna"), we will surely miss her and her wonderful eggs.

On a happier note....here are more pictures of our cute baby goats:

And so goes the cycle of life. We stay ever faithful with every sunset knowing that another sunrise always follows.


Anonymous said…
These little goats are too cute!
I am in NJ. Did you have them shipped to you somehow? Love reading your blog.
a farmgirl friend,
Anonymous said…
I was just thinking, we make lots of trips to PA, (my mil lives in western PA) maybe we could see them in person sometime?
My husband wants to get a steer to raise too.