Blueberry Bliss

Finally! Thursday's mail brought the arrival of 100 blueberry plants that we had ordered months ago. Mike had spent weeks preparing the soil so that when these gems arrived, we could immediately get them into the ground. I quickly opened the cartons, looking for a planting guide. Funny, one of the first items on the guide was a suggestion for when to plant the bushes...of course it said immediately upon receipt, but also suggested that a cloudy afternoon was the best time. Well, seeing how as of late in Central Pa. all we have are cloudy afternoons, we got started. Friday at noon, Mike began digging holes and Jack and I began filling each with a mixture of peat moss and our wonderful, rich soil. One by one, each of the plants was introduced to it's new home, gently mulched with pine needles and given a drink of water.

The next task will be to gently prune each cane, removing flower buds and leaving the vegetative buds in order to adequately establish the strength of each plant before allowing it to bear fruit. No berries this year....but next......Mmmmm Mmmmmm....we can hardly wait! Oh, and by the way, it is hard to get out of bed and move on the day after planting 100 bushes!


auntgeorge said…
How ya feelin' Bev? Are you over the sore stiff muscles? Just think of the blueberry jam, pies, pancakes year......mmmmmm.
Loved your horse story below too!