Monday, February 19, 2018

What Cats and The Weather Have In Common

A typical day in the life of a cat:

Typical late winter weekend:

After several warm days, in which our snow had finally melted...
we received another 5 inches!
The funny thing is... by Tuesday it is supposed to be 70 degrees!

Our river has swelled from the recent snow melt and rain...

I can only imagine how this will look later this week,
after the current snows melt and this week's predicted rains come!


Goodness, someone needs to go on a diet!



  1. Same weather in Connecticut... mud season soon to return!

    We used to have cats, They died of old age, and now that two of my dogs are definitely cat tormentors, we don't have any. I miss them!

  2. I know just what you mean about the many faces of cats. We have three and you can tell what mood they are in just by looking at their faces. Gosh your weather is so up and down. The video was really lovely, really enjoyed it.

  3. Beautiful scenery! What a fabulous place to go for a hike!

  4. Hope the flooding doesn’t happen to your beautiful land . . .
    We received the 5 inch blush too . . .
    On top of a couple feet of white . . .
    Very white still except for the roads . . .
    Liked the videos!

  5. ours melted fast. this whole city has been flooded. your place is just so beautiful in the snow!

  6. Oh I love the two videos! Ivy's such a pretty cat. Is that Bobby outside the door? He seems quite unbothered by Miss Ivy.
    Your choice of music is just right for the videos!

  7. fun videos..Ivy sure got everybodys attention here..We have had just about everything weatherwise..Enjoy the week whatever it brings..

  8. diane in northern wisFebruary 19, 2018 at 9:28 PM

    Love your videos Bev....and your wonderful animals and the pictures of almost springtime beauty and then the beauty of winter once again. Loved the music you put on your videos too. Thank you!!!


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