Wednesday, February 21, 2018

My Truth

Good morning.... from beautiful Mudville!
This is how our world looked yesterday... before the temperatures skyrocketed to the upper 60's.

With four solid days of rain headed our way,
I wanted to get a little extra work done.

We cleaned out the sheep houses again... giving them dry bedding to get them through
the four days they will likely spend indoors.

If only I could make the sheep as clean as their houses!

Of course, as with everything... there is always an audience.
In this case, they are just there hoping that treats might be next on the agenda.

Just to give you a taste of what it's like around here....

We've been lucky to have the opportunity to babysit a bit over the past month...
spending time with our littlest of littles.

My, how they are growing!

We will also get to see Tyler this Friday for a bit.
These three little people make my heart so very full.

I must thank you for all of your wonderful words of affirmation...
you are so very generous in your comments and I cherish each and every one.
I have to share my truth with you, however.
I find myself uncomfortable reading the words "talented" or "artistic".
Those words imply that I have a special unique gift...
which I assure you I do not have.
It also implies that perhaps you might feel that you do not have that gift.

The truth is...
besides being raised by generations of "can-do" women...
my one and only gift is this:
"self reliance".
I have never been afraid to try anything... and with that... I have never been afraid of failure.
Trying something and failing at it is nothing more than a learning experience...
bringing us just one step closer to succeeding.
Some things have a steep learning curve.
Some things do not.

♫  I can play the piano... not because I have any musical ability...
but merely because I took years and years of lessons and spent hours and hours practicing.
Without lessons, I would still be playing chopsticks.  ♬

When I see someone doing something that I would like to do...
I usually turn to Youtube and search for tutorials...
like... making fancy butterfly cookies.  
Online tutorials are a wealth of information - 
breaking down instruction to a step-by-step process that can be watched over and over.

I am no expert at anything, but I know where to look to find other experts to guide me.
And then I jump in with both feet and persevere until I conquer.

What I have learned is this....
If there is something you long to do... try it.
Know that at first you might fail... but failure is never the end...
 it is just one potential part of the process!

My hope is not that you read my blog and think I am "talented"....
but that you read my blog and it empowers you to make your day or your home or your life,
 whatever you wish it to be!!

I am truly grateful for the friendships that this blog has afforded me...
it's lovely to have you to sit and share a cup of tea.
We are all on a journey... how much sweeter it is when we share it!
(And fancy cookies make it even sweeter!)


  1. Lovely blog post Bev. I have said it time and time again, you are an inspiration and such a marvellous "pick me up" when feeling down. Your generosity in sharing is a gift that you give to us and I know I am not alone in thinking this .. and for that I thank you.

  2. I agree 100% with Louise.
    Life is a journey....not a destination....enjoy the moments.

  3. Louise took the words from my mouth! (...and, indeed, I see the self-reliance in you, which, I believe, can be somewhat infectious when we view your blog and share your "journey" with you....I do not know what your definition of "talent" is, but you've learned to do many things and have got the "know how" in your attempts of success. Your writing appears to show signs of being humble, loving, gentle and "gifted." so I still think you've got talent! LOL

  4. Ps: I again enjoyed my cup of morning tea and inspiration with you through this friendship blog!

  5. Self reliant, yes, but also fearless and willing to try anything. And hard working. There isn't much you couldn't do if you decided to.

  6. I have always thought the key to be knowing where to find the answers and looking for them. Very insightful post. I Don't envy the mud. Before you know it it will be all green and beautiful. The bulbs around here are up about 6 inches. Thanks for your words of wisdom, always very informative and intuitive. Enjoy this beautiful day because winter is looming it's had just around the corner xxoo

  7. What do you mean you aren't good at anything? You are good at inspiration, encouragement. You are good at giving treats and mucking out barns and little houses. You are good at building fairy gardens and petting turkeys. Yep, natural talent at everything you do. You are good at appreciation of what you have and sharing it with us. Thank you.

  8. i totally agree with you! i like to try all sorts of things. some work, some don't. some i am good at and sometimes i really suck. i don't have any great talent other than perseverance.

  9. I read you every day to feed my 'farm' soul--
    and you always have an interesting post and photos to feed that old soul of mine--keep it up--thanks
    enjoy, di

  10. Yes!! I was raised in a house where my Dad forbid us to say "I can't", he said if you tried hard enough and worked long enough you could do anything. Maybe not as good as you would like, but you could do it. As a small girl I then replied that I couldn't pee standing up like my brother... and Dad said, "Yes, you can, it might be a bit messy, but you can do it." This attitude shaped my life in all the most positive ways! Lisa G in TN

  11. One of the main things I get from your blog is you get up and do things all day long - and love it! You live your life instead of just think about it.
    I admire that the most about you and your blog, You're happy being engaged in your life, your family, and your animals. It's a lot of work but that's the living life part. Love your blog.

  12. diane in northern wisFebruary 21, 2018 at 10:13 PM

    you're A GEM Bev. Thanks for your great message today!

  13. I have got to tell you that you have really motivated and inspired me to try some new things! And to just get up and do it, instead of finding excuses not to. I look for your posts first thing in the morning and love reading about what you are up to and all of your animals, crafts and baking. Thanks!


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