Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Just For Fun

While the snow melts, the rain falls, and the river rises,
I have been indoors, like the bluebirds, 
(whose melodic songs have once again become my morning madrigal)
feathering my nest.

I've been sewing and knitting... and dreaming of warm, sunny days...
spending time doing little projects in my sewing room.

I added a sheer drape to one window...
and instead of a curtain rod, suspended a gnarly branch from the woods on two
faucet handles.

I ordered a few yards of "scrim"... a very filmy gauze,
and made these swags... just for pretty.

I've been spending a little time in the company of wee folk...
who just seem to keep dropping off my knitting needles and staying for tea!
They are each between 3 and 4 inches tall.

I've been feeding my sourdough starter 
and making a batch of English muffins each week with the discard.
I might have to stop consuming these delectable treats before my middle turns into a muffin!

We've been making a concerted effort to get out for a long walk on any day that it 
doesn't rain. (Helps to counteract the muffins!)

The woods inspire me... there is so much beauty to be found there!
I could seriously decorate my house with fungi!

Unfortunately, this beauty was out of my reach!

My animals are all filthy... the result of constant snow, melt, rain, mud, etc.
Very soon they will all get a complete makeover!

For those of you who wondered about our rising river...
we are many miles away from it's swelling banks.
We sit very high and dry...
even in comparison to our barn and our animals.
The only water we must deal with is ground water (mud.)

I have a fondness for chalkboards and use them in my decor.

I've seen so much chalkboard art on the internet and always wondered how it was done.
Given that I am no artist and my handwriting is not lovely...
I longed for a way to decorate my chalkboards.

Last week I found it!
Chalk Couture is a company that sells adhesive, reusable, silkscreens for chalkboards.
You simply use a small squeegee and some chalk paste and...


The chalk designs wash right off just like chalk...
so you can change your chalkboard whenever you like.

Just like this....


  1. Love your window treatments!! And my most favorite chalkboard is the bee 💟

  2. Thanks for the demonstration of the chalkboard paint transfer. So neat! I had no idea!

    Enjoy the melting snow, knowing that it brings spring that much closer.

  3. You totally amaze me with all your energy, talent, and beauty. Your baking skills and artistic skills, your photography skills. amd all the other things you do keep me in awe! I can see you are busy as a bee and loving it!

  4. You're no artist? Your beautifully decorated cookies beg to differ!

  5. those stencils are so cool! i love those little knitted people! it's so hot here i could scream. we are going to be near 80 today....it's just not right!

  6. Your window treatments!!... love them..

  7. Cool!! Love the Wee Folk and your woods!!!

  8. An American in TokyoFebruary 21, 2018 at 9:38 PM

    I never knew there were stencils for chalkboards!!!
    I learn something new on your blog everyday!!! =D


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