Monday, October 16, 2017

Now That's An Egg!!

As you know, the Muscovy gals have been making their daily trek to the barn.
Each morning I find them on the fence by the driveway...

our special Halloween Duckorations
and from there they make their way up through the pasture to the barn.
They snack on the Runner Ducks' food, visit with whomever is cleaning the dry lot,
hang out by the barn, and then fly back to the pond.

This morning we realized they are also doing something else...


in the donkey house!

Check out the size of this egg...

The top egg is a large chicken egg.
The middle is a Runner Duck egg.
The bottom belongs to Ms. Muscovy.
Now that's an egg!

The weather has turned colder...and tonight is to be in the 30's.
I took a few last photos of summer blossoms... soon to be gone.

Dear Friends,
It gives me great joy to share with you, here, the things that make me smile each day.
I try to make this blog easy for you to access...
and so, in the past have written each post in the evening and scheduled it for
publishing in the wee hours of the morning.
Lately we have had some difficulties with publishing on Facebook.
You may have missed us, but we are still here... every Monday through Friday.

If you enjoy visiting the farm, please consider bookmarking this blog for future reference.
I will continue to post it on FB as well, however, if it does not show up there...
you can still find us here.
If you do a Google search for "Bee Haven Acres" will definitely find us.

I love our visits and would hate to think that internet snafu's could prevent them.
Bear with me... I will try to work through this.
I will be posting our stories at the end of each day... when I write them...
instead of using a scheduler to put them out at a specific time.

I also suspect that certain words that I have used in humor have been picked up
by FB's algorithms as potentially malicious.
I can no longer call Ollie and Red by my pet names (that refer to their size).
And the University that the guinea hens are currently attending will not be referenced.
And as for the fact that the minnows are in jeopardy of being eaten by larger fish...
a certain reference to being at a certain position in the food chain...
well, we won't speak of this as well.
Apparently, these were my transgressions.

PS...the guineas are doing quite well since their move...
happily searching for bugs and eating grass in their spacious yard.
Eventually they will free-range... but they are still teenagers...
and at risk for ignoring curfew.


The FaceBook issue persists.
I can no longer publish this blog to FaceBook.
The End.


  1. After reading of your "transgressions" I went and deleted my fb account. After just now reading your addendum, I'm even more glad I did.
    I hope "they" won't touch your lovely blog. Perhaps you should preface it with a "tr*gger w*rning":
    "This site may contain nothing but decency, beauty, kindness, and respect toward everyone and everything, plus good, clean fun and humor. Read at your own risk."

    I'm very sorry that you have had to experience such a hurtful injustice, such absurdity, Beverly. Please don't let it dishearten you.

  2. Oh my......where did freedom of speech go? I have never seen any words on your blog that are even remotely of a "questionanble" nature or offnsive in any way. This stuns me that a blog can be silenced at the drop of a hat, especially when we all see so much hate speech on Facebook on a daily basis. Some companies simply wield far too much power.

  3. I don't really understand all the legalities (of Facebook - I don't do it). Just can't believe you have been misinterpreted when all you offer, in your generosity, is inspiration, happiness and a view into your wonderful life on your amazing farm (for which I am so grateful). This world seems to have gone mad in my eyes and it is refreshing to be able to "speak" and be in contact (albeit virtually) to people like yourself who obviously have a warm and caring heart for the life around you and towards your animals. If there were more people like you the world would indeed be a much, much better place. The teenage Guineas are wonderful and they look so settled in their new home - I hope they realise how lucky they are. And that duck egg - wow!!

  4. I have always accessed your blog from the internet, I have it saved as a bookmark so it is not a problem for me that FB is being weird. Sorry for your problems.

  5. Craziness! I've always come to you via the side blogs on Octoberfarm, but now that format has changed and there's no sidebar of lovely blogs. I just bookmarked your blog so no problem. Sorry for your troubles as yours is the BEST blog and most positive,loving one "out there." Cheers.

  6. You can't call the little horses by their pet names, but twitter won't shut down isis and other terrorists because they don't want to infringe on the 1st amendment. Maybe if you bought some ads on FB from a russian account, all would be well. I agree with the other comments, it's beyond ridiculous. And I like nuri's warning!

    Since I'm not a FB fan (for years I've jokingly called it a conspiracy, but I might be right!), BHA comes up on my google home page as something I visit frequently, so you are always there in the morning to get me going.

  7. Fakebook is so stupid. I am only on there to keep up with relatives and long distance friends. I come here every morning and enjoy my time immensely, sometimes I revisit on the weekend and re-read a blog to get me through till Monday, lol. I'm not going anywhere. Love muchly, TerriC

  8. One click from my home page and I'm at Bee Haven Acres, take that FB!! With all the garbage on FB and they single out BHA...
    I would say they have their priorities all mixed up. Love you and your commitment to faithfully post as you do. Xoxoxo

  9. Oh my. I don't fb and never will.
    You are all about the love and the light, your readers know that.

    Love the comparison of egg sizes. What a fascinating life you live!

  10. I agree with all the above comments. :) Keep doing what your doing and forget about FB. I've been following your blog for years, have never used FB to access it.

    (I use "the old reader" after Google Reader shut down because I follow several blogs and it's nice to have them in one place so I can see when they update... otherwise I'd forget for awhile, because I am quite forgetful. Not a personal trait I enjoy having, mind you!)

  11. Love your blog, agree with all the comments...just crazy. Didn't even know you were on not an issue.
    You make me smile daily! Lisa G in TN

  12. I agree with nuri, and like all the others, LOVE your blog exactly the way it is. I wrote something on FB about Big Brother Watching with a close up of one of my chickens and the entire post *poofed* into thin air, even the email notifications were gone! Very unnerving. You can't even have a sense of humor...

  13. WHO cares about facebook? I have never used it and would never care to. I love your blog and look forward to every single post. I feel like I know your critters personally:)

  14. I can put it on my timeline..What's the difference?? Amazing eggs..Have you eaten any yet?? There is a home for all eggs somewhere at BHA...xxoo

  15. Don't do facebook, never have and never will. Sorry for your troubles.

    Maybe Facebook should concentrate on other countries postings and pages.!!!

    Love your blog, it's good, clean wholesome goodness!!!

    Hugs, Janie

  16. Oh Bev,,, "Duckerations??? lol! you quack me up! lol!
    Sorry,,, I couldn't resist.... with all the hulabaloo on fb... we nbeed a giggle or two!

  17. Look at those eggs . . .WOW . . .
    DIDN’t know you were on FB and can’t believe
    you have ever said anything offensive or questionable.
    Crazzzy . . .
    You pop up daily, consistently in my bloglovin reader.

  18. I found you. Bev do y'all have problems with stink bugs? I have them everywhere. I have to shake out my laundry before I can bring it inside

  19. We have some stink bugs, but not bad.

  20. diane in northern wisOctober 17, 2017 at 10:16 PM

    Good Grief Bev.....facebook seems to be getting dumber and dumber along with much of the world these days. I hope that everybody will find your wonderful blog online like I do, and then won't ever have to miss a day of your wonderful pictures and stories. How maddening that must be for you to have them having problems with your descriptions of things, all in fun. Please keep doing your wonderful blog, we all love it and you so much. Peace!

  21. An American in TokyoOctober 18, 2017 at 1:16 AM

    I will always check with your blog whenever I can, regardless of whether facebook thinks it is blog-worthy or not! (*raspberry sounds directed to FB*) Ha ha!


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