Friday, October 13, 2017

Moving Day

The sun rose yesterday behind a thick, grey blanket of clouds...
clouds that were still heavy with rain.
We had decided that in spite of continued rain...
yesterday was to be moving day.

We've been planning to re-arrange the housing for all of our birds
for weeks now.

We have fewer chickens than we used to, so it was time to move all of the chickens
into one yard... the biggest yard that has a chicken coop on each end.

We moved the few chickens that lived in "West World".
This coop is our western-most coop that was our original turkey house... 8 years ago...
and was home to just a handful of chickens.

Consolidating all of the chickens meant that we could now move the turkeys
back into their old coop, freeing up the coop closest to the barn
to use for the guineas.

Once the chickens were moved, we housecleaned "West World" and got it ready for the turkeys.
Then we housecleaned the coop closest to the barn and got it ready for the guineas.
This coop is without nesting boxes and has plenty of room for roosting.
Guineas tend to lay their eggs "wherever".

The chickens will remain in their yard for a week or so,
until they all realize that these two houses are their forever homes.

Moving the guineas was the hardest part of the day...
these youngsters are quite wild and wildly protested us taking them from their first home.

We persisted, and after dividing them into two loads, 
successfully installed them into their new home...

Birdbrain University... aptly misspelled,
because it is, of course, Birdbrain U.!

The guineas will stay within the confines of their yard and house
until several weeks pass and they identify this as home.
Eventually we will begin to allow them out for free-ranging
and insect-eating.
But for now... school is in session!

Wouldn't you know it:
for years we have been trying to train the turkeys to go back to their house
each evening.
Each evening we end up having to lead them there.
Of course, yesterday, when we were going to move them to a new house,
they finally went home by themselves.

"Not tonight, guys... tonight we are going to a new home!"
I suppose this is how one confuses a turkey!

I accompanied Hubbs on some errands yesterday morning
and had a little time to myself...
so I visited one of my favorite places... an old barn with primitive and antique shops.
The displays were amazing...

And I came home with this happy fellow...

Happy Autumn, friends!!
(Yes, I know...this garden is in need of a good weeding!)

Have a wonderful weekend.
We will be spending our weekend with our "Littles"...
the two-legged littles, that is!
We have lots of fun Autumn activities planned...
we'll share them with you on Monday.

Addendum:  This blog post was pulled by Facebook and not allowed to publish saying that they felt the content was malicious.
Go figure.
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  1. Happy Weekend with the Little’s . . .

  2. Happy Autumn for sure ! Love seeing all of your "critters" and in their new homes.
    Have a fun weekend.
    Charlotte in Va.

  3. A gentleman friend for Minerva, perhaps?

    Do you use the guinea eggs or just leave them be?

    Enjoy your time with the wee ones.

  4. Just a word to tell you thanks so much for sharing on your blog! I love your stories, adventures, misadventures, and seeing all of the care you put into everything - large and small!


  5. All those birds are probably taking your name in vain today.

  6. Moving day is quite an ordeal..I hope that everyone will soon feel at home in their new digs!!
    The old barn shop looks like a fun place..Love your purchase and what you have done with it.
    Birdbrain U !! HAHAHA..Enjoy your "littles" weekend..

  7. diane in northern wisOctober 13, 2017 at 9:41 PM

    Oh Bev, this post is soooooo malicious. What on earth will they think of next? I love all your birds and how you are giving them all new homes. I think those turkeys are my favorites though....they seem to love people and seem pretty nosey! :)
    You are so good to all your friends on the farm. I love coming here. Have a terrific weekend with your littles and look forward to seeing you all on Monday!

  8. diane in northern wisOctober 13, 2017 at 9:43 PM

    Oh Gosh, I forgot to tell you how much I love your new scarecrow and his pumpkin friends! Pretty cool!!!

  9. WHAT? What part of it is malicious? I don't get that at all! Implying that some universities train birdbrains?! lol Just crazy...lots of craziness in the world. Our neighbor has been banned several times because he put up his version of a political post. LOL No swearing---nothing horrible---just a regular old rant....the last time he was 'banned' for 30 days...he could read but not REALLY made him want to rant.

    I follow you on the sidebar of my blog so I don't miss any posts. xo Diana

  10. just remember,,, 'facebook', is NOT the Boss of you! lol!

  11. YOUR posts, not allowed to be published on facebook for malicious content????? This is so depressingly laughable! Do you mean to say that it's not a glitch by some stupid algorithm, but actual humans are making these decisions? This is unacceptable. Please tell us how we can support you in order to right this *** (I was going to write "idiocy", which would be a totally P.C. statement of fact and not malicious, but I don't want to say anything here that might harm your cause).


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