Wednesday, October 18, 2017

A Malady Not Cured By Chicken Soup

My goodness,
I have experienced an outpouring of love that has amazed me.

And not just from two donkeys...
but, from you, friends.  Thank you!

For the last week I have had some blog-posting issues that have frustrated me.

I consider myself a do-it-yourself kind of gal...
and usually no job is too big to at least try to tackle.

But when it comes to technical problems... I am so very much in the dark.
Thankfully, my brother-in-law... 
(the family techie...and by the way, every family needs one...
if you don't have one, go find yourself one.
Have one of your children marry one, or marry him or her yourself!)
gave me a few suggestions to circumvent my woes.

He feels that I may have been gifted with some malware.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart... 
to that entity out on the internet that derives pleasure from such mischief!

Now, I have no idea what malware is...
but in my world "mal" means bad.
For example, none of us wants to be label malcontent,
or malicious, or maladjusted, or mal-aligned...
or just about any other adjective beginning with "mal"!

Apparently this malware somehow attaches to what I am uploading to Facebook
and makes my blog look like some sort of spam...
which in turn generates all sorts of messages to me making me feel like I have somehow 
committed a crime... which of course I have not.

And although Facebook is not my favorite entity... 
it is where about 400 people read my blog each day.
So it remains a necessary evil.

My brother-in-law's suggestion to upload my blog from a hand-held device seems to be working.

 I hope to have this little "mal"thingie removed from my computer.
If not, a new computer may be the next step... thankfully mine is pretty old...
in techie years, at least a hundred!

I am much more capable of curing "mal"adies and viruses with chicken soup.
Sadly, all the chicken soup in the world will not cure this ill.

The long and the short of it all is...
I am not going anywhere... how could I ever?  after this amazing outpouring of support...
and that was just over a baffling internet trouble.
I am quite fortunate!

So, onward we march...
to enjoy this Autumn season and all of the crunchy fun that comes with it!

The bottom line is...

is what makes me happy.
Family and friends (two legged and four legged) make me happy.
The rest?  Just fluff!
Enjoy the day!!
I know I will.


  1. Mal is French for pain or hurt Facebook is not my favourite entity either.
    Spring Peeper Farm

  2. How wonderful to have a techie in the family. My hubby is quite knowledgeable as well. I would be lost if not for his know-how. Bake that man a pie! ;0D

  3. I like your suggestions about how to get a techie in the family!

  4. So happy your "family techie" seems to have found the key to your FB woes. We all love your posts and are happy you'll still be sharing those with us for awhile longer. Hugs to you and all at BHA!

  5. So glad you're toughing it out and not leaving us, that would be a terrible thing!

    Do I see the "good girl collar" on Annie? Has she been going her own way, and not following the rules? Sometimes we all need a little tug back to the beaten path...and sometimes it's fun (for a while) to run a little wild!

  6. Annie has actually been content at home lately.... but we try to make sure she wears her collar on days in which rain is forecasted. Rainy days seem to be the ones she runs on...perhaps the moisture carries smells better?

  7. Welcome back! It was a rocky week. Enjoy this beautiful day.

  8. I hope your techie can get your computer fixed for you. Having malware and such is quite the bummer to deal with! Even so, good thing it is getting figured out. I'm just glad you can keep sharing your sweet lawn ornaments with us. ;)

    We now have our own lawn ornaments. Chickens and ducks roam around and gift us eggs, and we have a couple bunnies (does) for the kids to love on. (I'll use their "cocoa puffs" for our garden.) Bigger critters are in our future as well, especially for our horse loving daughter. ;)

  9. i am so glad you are figuring it all out! i am sort of coming back too. my blog is being reformatted and it will be a bit wonky for a bit. it was such a mess that it will take a while to organize!

  10. I was told that my 5 year old computer was "old" and had malware issues. 5 years was old! Why can't they last as long as a mattress?

  11. So that's the source of spam and malicious content: you've been sort of hijacked! Your computer must have been really slow lately, then. Well, I'm glad it was nothing "personal" against you and the treasure that is your blog. Still, I won't apologize to fb for wrongly accusing them, and I won't miss fb either. However, henceforth I'll try to wait a bit before I get upset - about fluff! ;-)

  12. Good luck! Hope you are able to get everything fixed!

  13. I have a couple of "techies" in my family and count myself blessed. xo Diana

  14. May your computer be a pal.....
    and not be "dishing" out some "mal"
    .....May your "fb", my dear, Pretty,
    ...continue coming to my city....
    For I like your scenes; I like your farm.
    ..coming onward without harm.
    ....a pig, a chicken, dog , a hen,
    return for viewing, now and then.
    ...So keep on doing it, somehow. I can view..., a goat or cow.
    ..a flower, or a painted barn.
    ..will ne'er do us any harm! .
    ..Your blog, I love to view each day.
    ..So keep it up, is what I say!
    ....xo Dee

  15. diane in northern wisOctober 18, 2017 at 11:24 PM

    So glad to hear you're feeling better Bev. Nice to have a relative around that is tech-smart and helpful too. Hope you get all the facebook problems worked out and can continue to post your wonderful blog there, if that's what you want to do. I know that I'll continue to be here to check in on you and with you and your merry band of critters every day. Thanks for all you continue to do Bev. Chin up....sounds like great tech help is on the way!

  16. I love getting your blog in my email which I check every day. I hope you will continue to do this as I am not and never will be on FB.


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