Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Painting Helpers

It seems that no matter what job we have to accomplish...
we always have plenty of volunteers to keep us company.

Yesterday we painted the donkey house and the turkey house.

As we worked, the pigs stayed close by in a cool corner of the pasture.

They grunted their greetings at us every few minutes.

I took a brief break from painting to climb the fence and sit in the grass
with Ginger and MaryAnn.
I love these girls!

Meanwhile, the donkeys were spending their day with the horses...

in the horses' dry lot.

Daphne and Chloe are way too curious to have in the same yard where we are painting.
I am sure they would not leave us alone
and would end up with paint all over their coats.

A few hours of painting...
and things are looking pretty spiffy!
Today we are tackling the run-in shed/pig house and the duck house by the pond.

When I finished painting, I took a moment to stop by the garden.

The sunflower heads are drying on the garden fence.
They will serve as bird food when it gets colder.

The sweet peppers needed picking...

Everything is still so beautiful...

not dry and burnt out like things normally are at summer's end.
We had plentiful rainfall all summer, making this the greenest autumn ever!

I planted fall broccoli this year... it's getting bigger and bigger.

I pulled a couple of carrots and headed over to call the pigs in from the pasture.

All that running must have made Ginger a little hot...
she headed right for their swimming pool,

and cooled off!

It won't be long until swimming season is over for the year.


  1. All the out-buildings are looking lovely.

    Makes my day when Ginger And MaryAnn come running for treats!

  2. Oh I just love those girls - the video was great!! Your buildings are looking very smart indeed - all ready for the winter.

  3. The new paint job looks great! Ginger and Maryann are lucky that their pool is still open. Most of them close on Labor Day. Happy Wednesday

  4. what happened to fall? we are having the heat that never showed up during the summer. those girls sure are cute!

  5. Love the colors you picked for the buildings. Everything looks so fresh and new!


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