Thursday, August 17, 2017

Hello Again!

Oh how I would love to share my internet woes with you...
but I vowed to keep this blog free from complaining. 
So... I will just share the fact that I have no internet (still)
and that this blog is coming to you via my neighbor's internet...
which is no small feat since I have to carry my whole computer over to their house.

But, I have missed you this week...
so here I am.

We've had a spell of wonderfully (unseasonable) cool weather this month.
Cool....with lots of rain!

(last weekend's rain)
The garden is quite happy.

On a drier day, I trimmed pig hooves...
something that has to be done every few months.

I try to do this task when Amanda is home for a visit
(which she was for the past 10 days).
Hoof trimming is quite easy to do once a pig is on it's side for a belly rub.

Amanda rubs... I trim.

Using a foal sized hoof trimmer I cut away excess growth of hoof...
making sure not to get to close to the quick.

MaryAnn and Ginger are quite trusting...
and as long as they are occupied with a belly rub, they cooperate.

Annie has been happy to have Amanda home...

offering each day to be her running partner.

The two of them head out into the countryside, running the trails through the woods.
About a half hour later they both return... panting.

Yesterday while waiting for the internet repairman (who, by the way never showed)
I roasted tomatoes and sliced sweet red peppers to freeze for winter cooking.

With Hubbs' help, we cleaned and chopped 7 quarts of hot peppers...

making our hot pepper relish... our favorite condiment.

This batch was a milder batch with jalapeños, cherry bombs, cayenne, Anaheim,
and chili peppers.

The next batch will be hotter and will include our yet-to-ripen
Ghost peppers...

and Carolina Reapers (world's hottest pepper!)

While I was harvesting peppers, I found a neck pumpkin growing on 
a few of the tomato vines...

Things are just growing crazy with all of the rain we have had!!

Lastly, to answer a few questions from Monday...

Tyler's puppy, Chester, will not be living at the farm, but instead will live with
Tyler and his Mom.
We are hoping that he will be a regular farm visitor!
(By the expression on Oakley's face, I would say that Oakley hopes it's not too often!)

As for the DNA test kit that we use for breed identification, it is this:

I am hoping that by the end of today I will once again have internet.
I have to tell you... I miss the internet more than I thought I would.
We have become so spoiled by having information at our fingertips at any given moment.
This week has been a little like being marooned on a deserted island!
Keeping fingers crossed that I will be back here tomorrow!


  1. Thank you so much for all the effort you put in keeping us posted! Have a nice day

  2. Nice to have you back Bev. Your fruit and veg are looking wonderful. We to, in UK, are having lots of rain (gosh the weeds aren't half growing!!) In fact, apparently, we are having the wettest August for many years. Love the look on Oakley's face - it must take a lot of patience to put up with a youngster.

  3. Fingers crossed that the repairman shows!

  4. So thankful to your neighbor for keeping us connected!

    Yes, we are so used to being able to look up anything, anytime. Hope your internet worries are over by the end of today. Can't feel too bad for you though, you sure have a lot of wonderful things to keep you busy!
    Have a glorious day!

  5. i love that look on oakley's face! it's perfect! we are dryer than dry. we need rain so bad. hopefully we will see some tonight and tomorrow.

  6. Technology can be a real pain when it's not working..I'd love to be marooned on your deserted island..I doubt there are many like yours..The second picture is beautiful. I'm sure the piggies feel better after their trimming. Nice to have Amanda there for assistance..I'll bet she likes having Annie along with her on her run..Chopping hot peppers !!Were your eyes tearing a bit?? Feels like summer is back..Yuck..WOn't be for much longer..Upper 80's next week too!! xoxo

  7. Yes- we get so dependent on the internet, don't we? If it's down for a few hours I begin to NO..what's going to happen now!?!

    Love all your pictures--as I always do. Hope you have a great night- xo Diana

  8. diane in northern wisAugust 17, 2017 at 11:26 PM

    So glad to hear from you Bev. So glad your neighbor lets you share her internet. I sure hope you can get yours fixed soon. I know what you mean....I feel cut off from the world when we have a problem with ours! thank you for the pictures and stories today. I really appreciate all your efforts to keep in touch with all of us out here who love to read your blog. If we don't see you tomorrow, well, have a great weekend!!!

  9. you sure have a lot of wonderful things to keep you busy!

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