Thursday, July 27, 2017

Sleep... Wake Up... Repeat

It's 8 PM (last night) and I am out tucking in all of our friends.
First stop is the pig yard... it's empty... so everyone must be out in the pasture.
I call them... high voice, rapid..."Pig, Pig, Pig!"

And they come running.

Then I call the sheep... "Sheepies!" (repeat a couple times...)
and the sheep head in as well.

Everyone is rewarded with a cracker...

or two...

I stop by the chicken yards, where everyone (except the new gals) is roosting...

I usher the new girls into their house (takes two tries) and close the door for the night.

Everyone's water is checked (I'll change them in the morning.)
Turkeys are walked back down to the barn...

and into their pen for the night.

Fly masks are removed.

Ollie wants you to see his new fly mask (everyone got new ones this summer)...

Hay is delivered...

Manure is scooped...

Pigs are fed...

The runner ducks are tucked in their stall for the night, with clean water and food.

And the day is done.
It was a busy one... I repainted my bedroom walls
(luckily two are outside walls and are log...the other two were green and I was tired of it...
now they are cream...much brighter!)

Now it is time to sleep....
wake up... repeat!

I am always content at the end of tuck-in time...
knowing everyone had a good day and will rest for the night...
wake up... repeat!


  1. It's always a blessing when the rhythm of the day goes smoothly.
    Love the new fly masks!

  2. i remember the days when i wanted a new adventure all the time. now i find comfort in repetition! aging!

  3. Sounds like a comfortable existence !!! With a little drama thrown in every now and then to make things interesting...Not predictable enough to be boring..Everybody's content..

  4. What a lovely group of animals! so cute they all come in when called.
    I am content with a dog or two (soon to be two)....
    It's hard to get away with animals....but I would love to have a farm....I will live vicariously through yours...

  5. Jody from GeorgiaJuly 27, 2017 at 3:48 PM

    Bev, you never cease to amaze me...your energy level must be off the charts! Too bad you can't bottle that and sell'd make a fortune! Seriously, though, loved this entry. Just reading about your days and your wise words of peace and contentment permits me to feel some of that peace and contentment also. But, each of your entries make me feel that way and I always end up reading them with a sigh and a smile! Thanks for sharing!

  6. diane in northern wisJuly 27, 2017 at 9:47 PM

    You are so kind to your menagerie there. It is so fun to see your pictures and hear about your daily and nightly chores. I wouldn't miss a day of your blog. Now after reading it for tonight...I feel ready to turn in too. Especially knowing that all of your critters are tucked in just fine! Great job Bev. Thanks for taking us along!


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