Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Moving Day And Soggy Play

Yesterday was moving day for this year's full grown chicks.

This past weekend's storms brought over 3 inches of rain,
a bit of flooding, and much cooler weather.
Cooler weather would make the move easier for us
and easier for the hens, who will be confined to their yard for the rest of the week.

The first chore was to give the henhouse, into which the young hens would be moving, 
a good cleaning.
We have learned that it's best to wear masks for this dusty task.

Next we loaded up the hens, one by one...

and drove them to their new yard.

With a little encouragement, they moved into their new house

and said hello to their new friends...

We will keep these girls and their older companions closed within their yard 
until the end of the week...
in an effort to teach them where their home is...
and to get them used to roosting in a new house.

Bedtime close-up was a little challenging last evening,
as the new gals were reluctant to go back into their house.
Eventually, everyone was herded into safety and bid "goodnight".


Three inches of rain made the farm rather soggy yesterday morning.
As you can see... somebody likes a soggy yard...


jaz@octoberfarm said...

oh no...poor sammie can't run like annie! it looks like we are in for some good weather! the humidity is finally down!

daisy gurl said...

That's pure joy right there!

Marsha said...

Lucky you with the rain and cooler weather! And now you guys can come clean our chicken coop!!!

Lynne said...

Just like a child in a puddle!
Fun to watch . . .
Thanks for the smiles!

Candice said...

What fun for Annie! Sounds like Tom was cheering her on as well. Yay for cooler weather...we all need that.

diane in northern wis said...

Such a great blog you have, Bev. I loved watching the videos and couldn't figure out who was clucking or gobbling, until I saw the turkeys at the end. So fun to watch. Would love to live next door to you and yours. I love all your animals and so much going on all the time. Thanks for all the work you put in to your blog! I'm glad it has cooled down a little for you!


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