Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Monday's Moments

Today's post is a random collection of moments from yesterday...
to which there is no rhyme or reason...
just moments that I wanted to share with you.

This made me smile....

to see the donkeys, pigs and sheep all quietly munching away...
dew on the ground in the early morning light...
just a peaceful moment witnessed.
This makes me smile... it doesn't take much!

This made me laugh...

The runner ducks are spending more and more time outside the barn.

They are getting just a little less nervous, 
but still....way more nervous than any other critters on the farm.

Which is why I have named them The Nervous Nellies...
Nellie, Nelly, and Knelly!

They are each laying an egg a day... for a daily total of two mint green eggs and one linen-white egg.
They are much more reliable layers than the chickens.

This made me happy...

My small fairy garden has filled in nicely...
and makes me wish I were fairy sized so that I could sit in the shade on that bench and read a book!

This made me sad...

Poor Sammie. 
He had a Vet appointment yesterday and was so upset
that he peed all over the vet office, even while he was laying down being examined.
He tried to bite.
He shook like a leaf... terrified.
It was so bad that he had to be sedated to get x-rays.

He has another appointment today with a different surgeon,
and most likely will have his surgery this afternoon.
Poor boy... keep him in your thoughts and send healing energy his way.
This is going to be very tough on our old guy.

This warmed my heart!

My daughter-in-law sent me these yesterday...

And to think she's not quite two-years-old yet!

This gave me satisfaction...

Finally I have finished a knitting project...the first one since May!
It's a super soft shawl...and rather large...perfect for cool summer evenings in the garden.
I will wet-block it into shape later today.


  1. Lovely moments apart from poor Sammie. Do hope he goes on OK - I'm sure you will get him the best help possible and hopefully he will be out and about on the farm again soon. Sending lots of love and get well wishes to Sammie. P.S. I love those Runner Ducks.

  2. Those ducks are a riot! Love all the herbivores sharing space.
    Sammie is in my prayers today. May he be surrounded by love and light.

    That cut lil' chef! I like how she is tasting for seasoning.

  3. what a wonderful post! i love seeing the animals grazing peacefully together. the runner ducks look like three little kids wearing saggy diapers. the eggs!!!! and mackenzie, could anything be cuter? i love the missing bites from the zucchini. the shawl if fabulous! i wish we had dew or chilly nights. anything but here right now. it was 70 degrees when teddy and i went out at 3.

  4. Thanks for sharing these wonderful pics, a look into a summer day at the farm and more. Sending all good thoughts for poor Sammie - my cat Max is also terrified of the vet. If only they could understand that we're trying to help.

  5. I've been wondering about the fairy garden and your knitting....now I know. Healing thoughts go to Sammie.

  6. Funny. I just wrote a blog post about things that make me smile and sad! Great minds! Cute video of Mack in the kitchen. Cooks have to taste, you know. The Nellies are a riot. My heart goes out to Sammy. I hope everything goes well. I love your watermelon ShawI....

  7. Poor old Sammie. Best wishes for his surgery!

  8. I hope things go well for Sammie. My sister's golden retriever had cruciate ligament surgery on both back legs, two years apart. The last surgery was this spring, and her dog, Sally, is doing very, very well. She was extremely careful to not let her dog off leash during the recovery period (when outside). She also had to be very, very careful to avoid steps. This recovery period was hard on all of them, but has led to a very successful outcome. May you and Sammie have the same!

  9. Wonderful post and lovely photos (as always), but poor, poor Sammie, to have been so terrified - and I can imagine how that must have made *you* feel. I join everybody else in sending heartfelt wishes for The Perfect surgery outcome and a most excellent recovery.

  10. An American in TokyoJuly 18, 2017 at 10:59 PM

    I think there is nothing more relaxing than hearing the sound of munching coming from horses and other animals! sigh...

    I have never seen anything so funny & cute at the same time as those runner ducks! Thank you for the video!

    Poor Sammie...I hope he comes home quickly after the surgery and relaxes at home!

    Your mini chef is too cute! hee hee!

  11. The runner ducks are so fun to watch . .
    Their run is even nervous.

    Little Grand is so cute, chef in the making!
    Always good to taste things before serving!

    Pretty, clever shawl!

    I think I must have missed this post earlier because I think I read
    that you have decided No on surgery for Sammie.
    Based on his nervousness and behavior, good decision!


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