Friday, July 21, 2017

Misty Morning

Our current heat wave has been giving us misty, moist mornings.

We've had our share of thunderstorms... late afternoon dark clouds gather...
giving us enough rain so that watering has not been a necessity.

Mornings are my favorite time...
and truly the only time that is comfortable for being outside.

The animals seem happiest in the early morning hours

 as they contentedly graze.

By mid morning, everyone is ready to retreat to the shade.
I walk the Littles down from the upper pastures, Hubbs... the ponies.
As for Moonbeam... he takes himself back to the barn every morning, 
hooves thundering across the field.  
I love that sound!

Yesterday morning, the runner ducks went on quite a walkabout.

They nonchalantly walked down the lane almost to the sheep...
much further than they had ever gone before!

At some point they must have realized how far they had gone, 
and headed straight back for the barn...

By the time they made it to the barn they were running....and ran straight through their pool...
which, by the way, they had not ventured into before.

Later in the day, however, it was obvious that they had again been in the pool.

I tried my hardest to get a photo of them swimming...
resorting to the use of a game camera...
but no luck.

As we've all seen before, these gals are not always cooperative when it comes to photos!

Peach season has arrived!

We picked our peach tree yesterday...
the first harvest ever for this tree.

Enough for a pie... it's a start!!

Hopefully by the end of the weekend, this heatwave will be over...
for the sake of the animals, I am hoping!

Have a terrific weekend... and stay cool!
We'll be back Monday to share our weekend adventures with you.


  1. Stay cool, we have a heat wave in KC too.

  2. OMGosh, those ducks are a riot! At least they tested the water a bit.
    Good for Moonbeam!
    We are having some hot days here too, but next week should be better.
    Enjoy your peaches! Any tips for peach tree care? We have one on our new property and it shows no signs of fruiting.

    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. your spider net is beautiful! what a picture! thank you to make us smile with the ducks and to let us hear the sound of Moonbeam's hooves, I love it.

  4. Those N's crack me up.
    I could watch the video of Moonbeam over and over.
    Have a great weekend.

  5. i love that noise too. reminds me of cantering. why do i get the idea that the ducks are about to take over the farm? it's exciting to get your first peaches. i remember only too well. i posted about it here:

  6. Always such fun to stop in and visit! And enjoy the peaches...we've had our tree for about 4 years, and this was the first year it was loaded...that is, until the branches broke from the weight. I'm guessing I should have thinned them out...lesson learned. Enjoy your pie!

  7. Those ducks are so funny! Our peaches are a couple weeks out, can't wait. Enjoy you pie!

  8. Those Ducks are hysterical..Don't they know that ducks are supposed to be happy in water?? They're learning??? Love the Moonie video..I love that sound..reminds me of old Westerns or races..Peaches are good right now..Enjoy your pie.Glad you are still in the rain belt..It has been going either north or south of us most of the time.Have a fun weekend xoxo

  9. The runner ducks crack me up. They appear as if they scared themselves being so far away from their home. Have a wonderful weekend.

  10. Rain and storms have been predicted and missed us.
    All we have is 85-90+ steam, humidity, yikes!
    Air is not moving, mosquitoes are thick.
    I am enjoying a really good book!

  11. diane in northern wisJuly 21, 2017 at 9:20 PM

    How fun watching Moonbeam gallop on home....then to see those runner ducks, who really crack me up....and I thought I heard them going thru their pool....ha and then you said they did. So cute. Sure hope your weather cools down a bit for all of you. Here we haven't had the heat wave like a lot of you folks are having. Your peaches look beautiful. Please show us your pie when you get it made! It inspires me to make something! Have a terrific weekend! Love your Blog.

  12. Hi Bev,
    What a great post! When I saw the spider web the first thought was Charlotte's web..
    I just love Moonbeam, and those ducks crack me up.


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