Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Love From This Tiny Speck

It's morning.
The sun is up.
It's cool and breezy and dry... a perfect morning.

I'm feeding animals, filling waterers, and cleaning up the night's accumulation of manure.

Everyone in my world is happy right now...
not a care in the world...

I'm as happy as the critters...
content in my life in this little tiny corner of the world.

And I'm thinking....
thinking about the fact that I am no more than a speck.
I am a tiny speck in the acreage of the farm...

which is a tiny speck on the face of this earth...

which is a tiny speck in our galaxy...

which is a tiny speck in our universe...
which just might be a tiny speck in what they think is a multiverse.

Feeling small?

The thing is... we are all a small piece of something so much bigger than ourselves.
So, if you feel tiny or inconsequential...
It takes every single speck to make the whole complete!

And the glue that holds the tiny specks together is love.
Love is the most important force in existence.
The true measure of a person's life is the love they give to others.

So, today, from my tiny speck of this earth I am sending out great big hugs of love!
Will you join me?
Together we have the power to change the world!
And goodness knows... the world could use a little more love right now!


  1. So very true - it is mind blowing to think of the vastness of the universe/galaxies and humbling to think how small we are and our earth is in comparison. I think the important thing is to be as happy as we can be in our own speck of this world and show kindness and love wherever possible (especially to the animals of this world - who to me are the best things this world has). I once heard that each person has an element in them that can only be found in stars, so we are indeed all part of this universe and perhaps an even greater force - who knows. P.S. Love the photo of the Runner Ducks - seems like these girls have really come out of their shells now.

  2. I'm in! I'm sending out love to you and yours and all the wonderful people who come here every day. Love is indeed, a powerful force and collective love, I believe, has a profound impact.

  3. I'm sending you LOVE right back! Love makes the world go round. :-)

  4. Well said!!!! Sending hugs and love right back!!!

    Thanks for always making a positive start to my day. Love your blog!!!

    Hope your day is wonderful, Janie

  5. Amen! Sending love back. Thanks for the reminder that love is what we all need.

  6. Big hugs and much love from this tiny, inconsequential speck....enjoy this beautiful day....

  7. There's a Jewish parable (can't remember by who, now) that says we should all carry two pieces of paper with us. On one should be written "you are ashes and dust" and on the other should be written "for you was the universe created." Both are equally true and that paradox is the heart of what it means to be human. We are simultaneously both nothing and everything.

  8. That is so true- we are but specks of humanity in this big world-important and connected to those around us--but unknown in the bigger part of the whole picture. Kind of like grains of sand. One alone isn't anything much but together they create a mighty playing field.
    Hope you have a wonderful day- xo Diana

  9. diane in northern wisJuly 26, 2017 at 11:57 PM

    Amen Bev. You said it!

  10. Great "Tiny Speck" post . . .
    I agree . . . we could use a bit more love in the world today.
    Love begins with each of us . . .


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