Thursday, May 25, 2017

We Can Hardly Wait!

"Hey girls!  Over here... I have some great news!"

"That's a little better.  How about some faces...."

"Much better, Hope."

"The mill is finished processing your wool
and I hear it's a beautiful color."

(Hope smiles.... as much as any sheep smiles.)

It's hard to believe that six weeks have passed since shearing day.
However, if you look at Hope's neck you will see just how much wool
she has grown in six weeks.

(Consider that immediately after shearing, her pink skin showed through
 the tiny bit of white wool that was left on her body.)

These girls are excellent wool growers.
And they are only too happy to get rid of it each spring!

Tomorrow afternoon I will head to the mill to pick up the wool.
I am so excited!

Remember yesterday I was experimenting with rye bread?
After three attempts at baking the perfect recipe
I had three loaves to share with the chickens.
They enjoyed it much more that we did!
Back to the drawing board.
I am tempted to email the restaurant that had the bread and ask if they would share 
their recipe.
To be continued....

One last photo of Iceland that I wanted to tell you about...

There more churches in Iceland than you can imagine.
The curious thing is that large farms such as this one have a church
right on the farm....
giving the residents the ability to worship without having to travel
miles and miles over gravel roads (which are often impassible during the winter months.)
Imagine having a farm with your own tiny church on it!

My favorite church photo...


  1. I love that church too! Beautiful photo - frame it!

    Now you have me really curious about that bread. I bet the restaurant will give you the recipe or give you the contact for whomever makes it for them if they don't make it there.

  2. It doesn't seem so bad to "flop" a recipe if you have chickens to eat your mistake....that's what I find. Any knitting projects in mind for the wool?
    I love the church photo!

  3. ahhh so will there there a Bee Haven Chapel in the future? I love the church photo. You have a great eye for unique perspectives.

  4. Glad you are safely home! I've missed hearing from you and the critters.

    Your pictures are beautiful. I have a friend who lives in Norway and it is gorgeous also. Who would think these northern lands would be so lovely?

  5. That was my favorite picture as well...very picturesque..Cute picture of Hope..Can't wait to see what you make from their wool.

  6. Gorgeous picture of the church . . .
    Unique . . .
    Happy Day . . . look forward to hearing more about your wool!
    At least the animals enjoyed "the flops!"

  7. I would love to live in an old church with beautiful glass stained windows....


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