Monday, April 24, 2017

Pastoral Sunday

Sunday in the front pasture looked like this...

The horses spent the morning in the upper pasture,
so the pigs, sheep and donkeys took command of the front pasture.
(However, at the time of these photos the sheep were nowhere to be found....
they had already sought the shade of their own yard.)

You might remember last summer I was a little wary about letting the pigs and donkeys graze together without me chaperoning.
The donkeys were completely uninterested this time,
and happily grazed through the little hole in their grazing muzzles...
(lots of activity with little caloric intake.)

I sat and watched as everyone calmly wandered about.

The pigs were intent upon investigating every inch of the donkey yard.

Finding nothing of interest (translation: nothing to eat) they headed back out to the pasture.

MaryAnn plopped herself right down beside me for some belly rubbing.

It wasn't long before Moll was in the thick of things....
surveying the rest of the pasture from her piggy perch.

I was asked if the cats get up on the pigs by themselves.

Actually, I always put them there.

The pigs enjoy the attention, and the cats have become much more relaxed around them as a result.

We had an unpredicted frost Saturday night.
When I arrived at the barn Sunday morning, I quickly rinsed the frost off of all of the plants.
I think everything will survive...

with the exception of two cucumber plants that I took a chance on planting early.
As the saying goes... "Haste makes waste."
I was definitely a little hasty on planting cukes this early.
The rest of my cucumbers will wait until the chance of frost is completely out of the picture.


  1. oh wow frost! we went down to 39 so i put everything inside which is a lot of work but worth it. i don't think we will see any more frost but then taht is exactly the type of thing that could come back and bite me in the butt!

  2. love the cat-on-top-of-pig picture!

  3. OMGOSH--I so love the pictures I see when I come here. You take the BEST animal pictures. xo Diana

  4. The frost missed us..High 30's..The donkeys look great..It was nice to see the sun..Have a great week.

  5. Always enjoy seeing your "family!"


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