Thursday, March 2, 2017

Stormy Weather

Though some of us had the good sense to stay inside,
it seems others were undaunted by yesterday's heavy rains and thunderstorms.

And some even embraced the weather by rolling in the newly formed mud.

Have you ever?
And to think I spent so much time grooming this boy last week!
Someone asked how often I groom the horses.

They get a good grooming every 8 weeks and in between as needed...
(If they were ridden, they would be groomed much more often.)
looks like that will be as soon as the rain is over.
I fear there is mud the whole way down to the skin.

Yesterday's storms gave me time to mail off the first shipment of chickens and mice...
and to make another flock.
(You can find them in the market at the top of the blog.)

PS....Happy Birthday Hubbs...
may all of your dreams come true!
(This man always supports my schemes and dreams.
I'd bring him the moon if I could!)

PPS....Moggie...there is a mouse waiting for you... I need you to email your address to me.


Colleen said...

It is raining buckets here this morning.
HaPpy bIrThday, Hubbs!!

daisy gurl said...

We were spared most of the really nasty storms, thankfully.
Have a fantastic birthday, Hubbs!

Kathy said...

Lots of high winds last night and this morning! Hope you have a very happy birthday,Hubbs!!

The JR said... should see the Diva. My show horse. Oh my gosh, she's a muddy mess. Found her rolling in the mud the other day. Oh well, I'm letting her be a horse so she is doing what horses do.

Happy birthday to your sweet husband. We are lucky when we find men who support us in our adventures.

Marsha said...

Happy birthday to your honey!!!

Missy George said...

Happy Birthday Hubs..Moonie is sure a mess..We didn't have that much rain..1/2 inch..Yucky wind today!!Have a good one..

Rain said...

Hi Beverly :) Beautiful photos and beautiful animals! The first photo is great, your rooster (chicken?) has quite the hairdo!

jaz@octoberfarm said...

happy birthday to hubbs!


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