Thursday, March 23, 2017


It seems of late that I have been quite fortunate to be at the right place at the right time...
with respect to nature.
It's so wonderful that after all these years Mother Earth still has the ability 
to surprise and delight me.
Yesterday as I was driving to town alongside our beautiful local river,
I was treated to sight I had never before had.

A flock of swans had settled on our river.
It seemed there were hundreds of them.
Sadly I did not have my camera, though.
Luck was on my side, however, because when I returned home, grabbed my camera,
and drove back to the river...

they were still there.
Morning photos would have been far superior... but sometime you have to take what you get!

On the way home from the river I drove alongside our local creek
and saw a couple pairs of common mergansers...

also something I had never seen before.
This large, shy member of the duck family is apparently quite common...
so why have I never seen one before?
The male...

and female...

are quite dissimilar in appearance.
Isn't nature amazing?

Meanwhile back at the farm...

it was a beautiful, but cold and windy, day.
The wind is good... it will help to dry up all of the moisture from the melting snow.

While I was out cleaning the dry lot,
I happened to catch Ollie and Annie doing their usual "thing".


  1. That Ollie, such a cut little stinker. Must have been doing like ours. Looking for one last crumb of food.

  2. What a great catch..I have never seen that many Swans in one place..Maybe Disney World? Lucky you..Annie and Ollie..great exercise and Oh those horsey lips..Amazing what they can do..Enjoy this sun day..

  3. Swan Serendipity for sure . . .
    And the male female ducks . . . aren't they a pretty pair.
    Ollie certainly brings delight . . .
    What a wonderful world . . .

  4. I love the glimpses into your world that you give us!!!! Karla from Coal City


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