Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How To Attain Great Popularity....

I was never what you what you would call a "popular" girl.
I was the girl next door...never the prom queen.

Time has a way of turning the tables, however...
and now I am wildly popular.
Everywhere I go, these days, I am followed by an entourage...

How does one attain such high social standing?
Well, here it is in 5 easy steps.

1.  Order a handful (or more) of chicks (chickens or turkeys)

2. Buy or build a structure to house these chicks as they grow into fine young ladies.

3. Offer a constant source of clean water and nutritionally complete food.

4. Maintain good (coop) housekeeping.

5. Serve delectable treats often.

Follow the above 5 simple steps and you will have your very own entourage.
Everywhere you go you, too, will have friends "flocking" to you!

And... fresh eggs as a bonus!

PS:  I'm considering wearing a tiara now as I go about daily chores.


  1. Oh, is THAT all it takes! No doubt your fan base grows daily...
    Thanks for the smile this morning.

  2. That's the best kind of popularity. I will be waiting to see the tiara! 😀


  3. I admit - the greetings I get when feeding in the morning are a welcome sight. I love the happy little clucks the girls make as they parade out of the henhouse in the morning looking for the treats I always bring. As I do this, the horses up at the barn hear the commotion and know I'm on my way to feed them too, hence the kicking at the stall doors begins.

  4. Sometimes I think I have that many cats following me.

    Love the pics. A tiara would be pretty.

  5. I love your wit. And you can tell these ladies are well taken care of. :) We are now getting our fresh eggs from our neighbour. You just reminded me to bring the ladies a treat today.

  6. That tiara would need to have removable ear muffs, since it looks like Spring is slightly delayed there. Thanks for the cute post.

  7. Bev, you've got the touch with animals. But I think you need a peacock or two. Have you ever thought about that?

  8. Loved this post!! My 3 girls certainly make a bee-line to me (as they know I am the giver of all treats). Isn't it nice to be popular (in this way). If the animals think you are alright, then you really must be.

  9. What more could a chick ask for?? Human or otherwise...

  10. So true, they look up to us and love to see us come around :)

  11. You just crack me up Beverly. I can just see you with a tiara feeding the chickens! Thank you for a great post today.

  12. A tiara is, indeed, in order....and knowing your talents, you could fashion a fabulous one!!

  13. Yes, yes, a tiara is a must, dahling, simply a MUST!

  14. Love it!!! I used to have that entourage but now they tend to follow the man of the house because he throws corn gluten out to them when he goes to the garage!! I guess that makes him Kind of the Castle!

  15. people follow me all the time too since i cook for them. they don't give me eggs though.

  16. I love it! Best possible "following" a person can have.

    Kaye, Park City, UT

  17. An American in TokyoMarch 21, 2017 at 10:35 PM

    I would love to have my own flock!
    Yes!! I think you should wear a tiara as well!! ;)

  18. For sure . . . a tiara is a must . . .
    Loved this "not popular, girl next door kind" to most popular Bee Haven gal around . . .


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