Monday, February 20, 2017

A February Gift

Oh my goodness!
What a splendid weekend we had...
with sunny skies and temperatures reaching the upper 60's.

We basked in the warmth of the sunlight.
What a gift to receive in the middle of February...
and it is supposed to remain in the 50's (plus) through the coming week.

It finally dried out enough for the horses to spend the morning in the upper pasture.

When we designed the fences for the upper pasture, we divided the space
into four equal pastures.... four squares within one large square.

Each contiguous pasture can be connected to it's neighboring pasture,
by opening two gates and chaining them to the fence across from them.

This enables us to turn the four pastures into one large pasture.

Yesterday we opened two of the pastures and allowed the horses access to both.

Amazingly, as soon as we let them go in the pasture,
they headed straight for the opening into the neighboring pasture.
I swear the first thing they do upon entering any given pasture is
to make a perimeter check to see if any of the gates have been left open.

"FREEDOM!!!".... I am sure is what goes through their crazy horse brains!
It was obvious they were happy to have their space enlarged, 
because they ran and ran...kicking up their heels.

I think we all felt a little Spring fever this weekend.

We had a visit from our favorite little farm girl on Saturday.

And what a farm girl she is becoming...

complete with her own little muck boots!

Mackenzie loves the animals.

Feeding the sheep...

Petting the horses...

She's quite curious about those crazy chickens.
"Chickens!" she said as she pointed to the hens (a new word!), "Chickens!"

It was the perfect weekend...
with just the right amount of work and play.

I took a little time on Sunday to clean up the horses.
A winter's worth of mud and dirt was brushed out of their coats,
manes and tail were brushed out and trimmed,
 bridal paths were shaved,
and hooves were picked clean.

And to top it all off...
we found the largest egg EVER!!
Check it out (next to one of our usual extra large sized eggs)...

This one was extra jumbo.
Oh, the poor hen!


  1. Looks like a glorious weekend! Is that hubby in shorts in February? Wow! We are supposed to have a mild week of temperatures as well. I am starting my container garden and it will be perfect weather for it.

    How often do you groom the horses like that? It is a very relaxing activity, I remember.

    Wishing you a week of sunny skies!

  2. Our little granddaughter will be one on April 1st. I'm getting so excited to introduce her to the hens this summer. We still have piles and piles of snow but you are making me feel hopeful that spring is around the corner. That sure is one HUGE many yolks??

  3. wow....who laid that egg? it's in the 70's here for the whole week. i can't believe we've had no winter.

  4. It was a beautiful weekend. I spent most of it outside..All caught up for the moment..Feeders full, birdbath cleaned and beds all ready for mulch. The horses seemed happy..What fun it must be to see Mack interact with the animals. Have a happy week..

  5. Ditto on the "wow" for that egg. What's inside? Bigger yolk, two yolks, more white? Just curious as i know very little about chickens or eggs.


  6. That is one HUGE egg! I have found a few double yokers which were a little larger than the others - but THAT.. is something!

  7. Our weather was the same here but it was a long weekend for us as it was our family Day weekend we have here in Ontario Canada . Wonderful photos and video . Nothing like being around farm animals in your muck boots we were on Saturday at a friends farm we loved it . Thanks for sharing , Have a good day !

  8. Poor hen is right! Good gosh that is a huge egg.
    Mackenzie is such a doll. Loved the video of her and the chickens.
    What a beautiful weekend you had.

  9. An American in TokyoFebruary 21, 2017 at 12:43 AM

    Wonderful weather!
    I love that last picture of you and the little one on the swing!
    Too cute!

  10. Mackenzie is adorable and your Bourbon Red gobbler is gorgeous. I think we're all ready for spring as much as the animals are. Love your blog and keeping in touch!


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