Friday, January 20, 2017

Naughty Ponies

Bored ponies are naughty ponies...

and with this week's mucky weather, our seven equines have had to spend a little more 
time in the dry lot than they would have liked.
Unfortunately, they run and tear up the field when it is this soggy out.

Instead, they find all sorts of mischief to fill their time with.

Like... playing with the muck cart while I am cleaning up manure...

and almost dumping it out.
"I saw you two!"

Even TomTom stopped to watch the action.

"Honest, wasn't me!"

Mr. Innocent

"What do you have to say for yourself Moonbeam?"

"Oh, I can still see you!"

Every year or so, Moonbeam succeeds in knocking down the top board across the pig stall.
He pushes and pushes against it... trying to get to the hay on the other side...
until he finally succeeds.

I think we have finally thwarted his attempts by installing this chain across the top of the boards.
He should no longer be able to get enough leverage to push out the board.

One thing about this big guy...
when he makes his mind up that he wants to be someplace he's not allowed,
he does everything in his power to achieve his goal.
I must always stay a step ahead of him.

Each night I close up the pig stall to keep Moonbeam from pestering Ginger and MaryAnn
all night long.
Closing the door is not enough... 
no, Moonbeam is the best lock picker I have ever seen.
He uses those sweet pony lips of his like fingers!
I have to use a hook and eye lock across the door to prevent his entry.

"Ok, about a little photo shoot?"

"Wait a minute... I have to fix my mane"

"How's this?"

Always the joker.

"Wait.... this is my better side."

"No," I say, "that is just your dirtier side!"

Handsome, but naughty!


  1. Moonbeam is handsome indeed and although sometimes naughty, he seems to have a marvellous character. Hopefully will not be to much longer before the weather improves and everyone will be happier, human and animal alike. Have a great weekend. Best regards, Louise.


  2. Mine are off pasture too while we remain soggy. I prefer snow over the mud in winter, but you get what you get.

    for my lock pickers, I have used eye hook and snaps, works like a charm.

  3. Horses, horses, horses....what can I say. Maybe a love/hate relationship at times. Beautiful boys. Love them.

    Those piggies are cuties.

  4. Oh my - he is beautiful. Mine are in too, they aren't happy and are a bit naughty!

  5. Such a handsome fella.
    It will be wet here all weekend. Good time to work on the jigsaw puzzle! Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Love your story with" Moonie "as the star..Well done.Have a fun weekend.

  7. Cute photos and post . It is muddy and mucky here to as it has been mild and raining for days and will be raining all weekend and through out next week so much rain I cant take it any more I need sunshine . Thanks for sharing , Have a good weekend !


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