Friday, January 27, 2017

A Country Mouse In The Big City

If there were two places in their world that were
exact diametric opposites...
it would be the farm....

and New York City!

Stepping off the train and into Penn Station is about all it takes
for me to realize we're not in Kansas anymore.
(Not that we ever were...but you get the idea!)

Walking through the crowded, bustling, cacophonous streets of the city,
I realize that I am keeping my eyes peeled for any sign of green space.

Parks call to me...barely audible over the din of honking horns, sirens,
 and layers upon layers of human voices.

I love the opportunity that the city gives me...
to witness a different type of life and the many cultures that come together on these streets...
people of every color and creed flowing together like streams into one giant river of

The city provides a wealth of opportunity for enjoying the arts.
There is nothing more exciting than a star-packed Broadway play...

enjoyed from "front and center" seats...
(yes, that's everyone in the theater...behind us)

it's almost like being on stage with the actors....
and what a lineup of talent we were privileged to watch!

And yet, at the end of the day my senses are exhausted from protecting my brain
from sensory overload.

I love to visit the city... for a day...
and then to return home to my haven...

where the wind in the trees provides the soundtrack for the day.

My friends, the animals, are the characters in this long-running comedy 
that is my life.

I am privileged to be part of the cast...

each day as the drama of life on the farm unfolds.

A brief respite from work is always nice...
but I wouldn't want a steady diet of it!

No, my heart belongs to the country...
it's here that I am happiest!

PS... so that you don't get the wrong idea... we had perfectly lovely day...
walking the streets of New York.
The best bagels in the world started our day off perfectly.
I had enough time to visit the fabric district and was happy to find a store
that sells nothing but linen... and I found some for frock-making fun.
We spent a little time in the New York Public Library...a treasure trove of literary wonders,
and window shopped on 5th Avenue.
The beautiful St. Patrick's Cathedral...

You might have noticed that we were treated to a sunny day...
after so much rain and muck... what a treat!!
The play was wonderful and our seats...perfect.
Best of all, though, was a whole day spent with my honey.


  1. I'm like you, a country gal. But I would love to visit NYC. Speaking of fabric. I've heard that making a bread bag out of linen will keep your bread fresher than anything else. Have you ever tried this? Let me know.
    Spring Peeper Farm

  2. Looks like you had lovely weather. I have said many times, if I never need to visit a big city again in my lifetime, I'm good with that. It just doesn't suit us. Glad you had fun and are back home safe and sound.

  3. I am so with you on a day trip is fine but give me the hen pen out back any day. Fabric did I hear the word fabric?! Now I can't wait to see your finished pieces using that linen.
    Glad you are back today.

  4. what a great day! the funny thing here is that if i walk out my front door, i have the bustle of the city. if i walk out my back door, it's as if i'm in the country. it's the only way i can tolerate living in the city.

  5. Beautiful and well commented day indeed! I noticed a very nice feather on the ground though near one of your chickens. you must have quiet a collection of nice feathers indeed!

  6. That is the best kind of day, spent with your man. Glad you had a great and safe trip.

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. That is a guinea feather laying on the ground next to Minnie Pearl. And yes....we have tons of beautiful feathers!!

  8. I'm with you..I used to love visiting the big city but was always happy to be back home with the peace and quiet..Glad you enjoyed your day and the show..Wonderful that you had nice weather..Did you know that yesterday was National Couples Day (or something like that)? Coincidence?? Have a good weekend..

  9. I see on the theatre marquee for "The Front Page" that it says: "You've got to see it! My God, it's vulgar!" Now that's MY kind of play! And what a stellar cast. I adore Nathan Lane in ANYTHING.

  10. Sounds like you had a great time in NYC! Can you believe it, I have never been there! We have vacationed all over the country, but not many big cities. We prefer nature type vacations. Have a good weekend. I hope the sun comes our!

  11. Awesome day for you two. I am always amazed at St Pats. Its a beauty! Now time to get cozy on the farm again ;].

  12. Beat ever . . . a VISIT . . .
    Good to know our BESTS . . .
    Liked hearing you enjoyed the day with your "honey!"


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